EE! HONTOU!? o.0″ no one came to tetsu & ayana’s wedding?

These are a sequence of EE! HONTOU!? moments up to today:

1. I don’t remember that my birthday is tomorrow.
Yeah. Seriously I almost forgot >_< I think my brain still have regular shots of endorphin due to the L’Arc concert. So really, i feel content and forget every worldly things XD

2. I haven’t finish my live report.
Yeah. I’ve been really busy… and distracted the last couple of days >_< AHHHH!!!!

3. None of L’Arc members came to tetsu’s wedding.
EEE!!!! HONTOU!? The first article I found was from tokyograph (

Then on Sunday, L’Arc~en~Ciel bassist tetsu and actress Ayana Sakai, who married near the end of last year, had their own wedding and reception at the Honey’s Garden restaurant in Roppongi. Sakai wore a dress she designed herself for her wedding dress brand. Like Inohara and Seto, the couple made it a private affair, though the media was able to later report that tetsu and Sakai were in tears as they read aloud a letter to their parents. The attendees included actor Yu Shirota and model Rica Imai.”

Then there are articles from these sites:

The band members did not participate T-T only relatives and close friends belonging to the office or agency attend the event, not more than 100 guests.

The wedding dress itself was an off white dress from Aya-na-ture designed by ayana The change of close after the wedding was a baby pink dress designed by Ayana.

The souvenir was a Tiffany’s pair glass (that doesn’t come cheap -__-“). It is said that the bride was overflowing with a natural smile ^^.

(i think when he read the letter) tetsu said, “Kongo tomo futari wo douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu” (hard to translate but more or less please accept us from now on). That’s so sweet of our leader XD

The venue was completely shut out from the media. The first floor is the entrance to the thick wooden door, descend the stairs to the basement was also closed by a steel fence. (wow o.O)

After that there was a second party at the same place from 9.30 pm until late at night ^^.

So yeah, no L’Arc members, no photos… (yet, I hope there is one pretty soon). I’m so happy for tetsu and ayana T-T the letter part… KANDOUSHITA T-T I feel like I’m going to have a moment *happy tears*

Congrats to the happy couple! *confetti* So… the honeymoon will be in Paris *wink wink*

update! new link.

apparently the pink dress is this one:

tetsu also said that, “We both want to build a loving home.” TETCHAAAAAAAAN HOW SWEEEET *MELTS*