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ImageIt has been more than a year since I have been involved in what I thought was one of the most exciting project that has ever hit the Indonesian entertainment scene. In the beginning, the project drew a lot of attention and an unprecedented pessimism from a lot of people that would later on become fans and followers alike. Some said that it was a form of plagiarism, some said that it was a hoax. But those who were involved marched on and did what was necessary to make this project into a realization. I couldn’t help when that feeling of “this is what I was meant to do in life” hit me.

When the members had finally been chosen after a strenuous month of practice and selection, it felt like this project had been given life. A few months after being involved in this project had made me feel close to the members.

To be honest, I was never a fan of what the project had originated from. I had little to no interest of large group of cookie cutter teens singing bubblegum pop in unison, but I do have faith that these girls, this project has a fighting chance of actually going the distance. I was really happy seeing that I was a part of a group that help supported girls who are on their way to reach their dream. Soon after that, an opportunity rose for me to join as part of the team. I said yes immediately. I was excited on what was in store for this project.

Little that I know that that all of that excitement and sense of purpose, in time,  would diminish, bit by bit. There were a lot of things that happened during the course of this one year that has made me lost my passion toward this project and almost everything else. Therefore, as I wrote this, I am withdrawing myself from this project.

The decision itself was not an easy one to make. I kept going back and forth for quite sometime. When I did reach a decision, one part of me felt relieved and part of me felt like I’m actually counting down to my last days of living. This past year my life had been all about this project. Everything had been a roller coaster adventure and my I have experienced moments of joy, accomplishment, fun, disappointment, exhaustion and utter frustrations. After a lot of careful consideration, I believe it is time to move on and find another path to rediscover that all important sense of purpose.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this project and help the girls to achieve their current status. I also wish the girls the best of luck in their endeavours.

Wide enclosed spaces, bouffants and Tiffany’s

It’s 9pm on a working day at the end of the month, I haven’t received my salary yet (as per usual) and I’m horribly low on cash. But, here I am in a mall, sitting where ever as long as it’s not compulsory for me to buy anything. My choice of hide-out is here near the elevator comfortably tucked in behind a couple of pillars and a coffee place. I just finished the bread that I just bought for dinner, am typing away on my iPod and am not planning on doing anything else and going back to my 3 by 2 rented room in the other part of town just yet.

‘Why?’ you may (or may not) silently ask. Aside from the obvious traffic in the bustling yet organized metropolis that is Jakarta (pfffftt), I simply like it here. It’s not that I don’t like my rented room, —although it could use an air conditioner, cable tv with a DVD player, an internet connection, and things that makes me go ‘whee~’ and ‘squee~’ and less of the brusque landlady— but it hasn’t got enough room for my to let my mind wander and people watching. That’s why I like big fuck off malls, other than the wide space there are also dozens of people running about. If I’m lucky I could sometimes spot deranged old ladies with dried-bush-like bouffants carrying their Birkins or Prada or whatever and wearing platform sandals. Bouffants are the middle-aged mall-bound housewives equivalent of a military rank or office hierarchy. The taller the bouffant, the higher the husbands position. A messy and tall bouffant is like post power syndrome, it reached tall and glorified places but it’s collapsing like a failed soufflé. Umm, that’s about enough of the bouffant. Didn’t spot any today. Wasn’t my lucky day.

Back to the mall thingy. I’ve been doing this since when I was in college. No money, posh malls. I haven’t been able to put it in simple words before, but now, ah, now I have come up with a name for it. Simply put it’s the Breakfast in Tiffany’s Syndrome. I like it here because people are seemingly happy and have charmed lives like nothing went wrong in life and in the world. It’s the kind of world I wanna live in. That’s why I like it here.

Valentine Weekend

It has been very hot and humid in Jakarta lately. I can feel that I’m literally toasted when I go outside in daytime. Also since I’m back to commuting from Bogor, the conditions on the train isn’t really helping anyway. Today, the train that I rode was freakishly hot since the air conditioning was off >_<.

Valentine's Day is coming. I have no special plans other than to gorge in some lovely parfait somewhere in Jakarta with friends. My boss suggested a sashimi and sushi restaurant for me and my friends to have our Valentine's Day fiesta. Not sure that we would go there, though. Valentine's day and raw seafood doesn't really go together. I mean that's why they associate Valentine's Day with chocolates, right? So the rest of us who don't have that significant someone to have the same endorphin levels as the ones that do by popping chocolate hearts the whole day XD

Last week me, Shaki and Vro went for dinner and some window shopping at Grand Indonesia. So they have these fortune telling booths there so we thought we should go and give it a try. There were two fortune tellers and their methods were aura reading and card reading. Well, seeing that I can read Tarot cards every one decided to go with the aura reading. The fortune was a middle aged lady and my fortune was: 1. That I have a strong personality (I guess so), 2. Problems with health are mainly regarding to my stomach (I do have problems with my stomach lately), 3. No problem with money and jobs, but problems with my study (not so sure about this one since my contract will be over this March), 4. There won't be any chances for me to go abroad this year but she sees a journey for me next year (2011!!!), 5. I will meet my soulmate on April-May (I don't really believe in the whole soulmate thing but I guess we just have to wait and see). So yeah.

food, movies, and On! Project this week.

Yesterday,  I was out from the office late because my boss needed to buy some racks for the laboratory so he asked me to help him buy it. It was for sure that I was going to miss the train. So I decided to call up my dad and have him pick me up. Before I was dismissed my boss treated me with a delicious dinner at Ootoya in Plaza Indonesia. He said that in Japan, Ootoya’s establishment isn’t as luxurious as it is in Jakarta. Ootoya is a chain store so they aren’t luxurious in Japan. But seeing that the Japanese prices are high (to this side and maybe the rest of the world) to begin with, so I can wonder why Ootoya shops in Jakarta are luxurious.

I ate the Kihada Maguro no Tsukedon, which was delicious. I checked on the official home page that it was 522 kal -____-” If it was, that was a hefty dinner. But I don’t remember my bowl had the egg so the calories must be lower… Or so I hope. It was delicious the rice really atributes the taste. I love the sauce and the sesame. YUM!

My boss went home straight after dinner and I decided to catch a movie while my dad was still in a meeting. I decided to watch Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. I gotta be honest with you, the only thing that made me wanted to see this movie was to see Bruce Willis. Haven’t seen him in a movie since DIE HARD 4.0. The movie was so-so. It didn’t leave any impression on me. Because movies of the same type has been made before. I see it as a mix of the Matrix; I, Robot and Minority Report. It’s a been there done that movie -___-” But seeing Bruce Willis is a treat even though he doesn’t pop out very much.

So, this week is Japan Week and they are having Japan-related events through out this week. The finale will be a matsuri called the Jak-Japan Matsuri (I really believe they could have chosen a better name, but hey what ever rocks your boat ^^) at The National Monument. On! Project will be there as well by the way (link 1) (link 2) performing 2 songs. I’m really sorry for the lack of updates of both sites. Since my departure from this blog, all my will to write has been decreased to 140 characters or less. But anyway, it feels good to write again as I shed my addictiveness to facebook. I might need sometime to get rid of the need to tweet.

The Wonder of Theater of KISS

08.11.24 I haven’t blog in a very long time. I’ve had so many things to do lately. So I decided to pull up my old PDA to help me blog while I’m commuting. Seeing that I wrote this on the road, I could share interesting things I see when I’m commuting. Like today I see a bunch of the new no-smoking squad that roams public areas like stations and bus stops to bust people who smoke in public. I think this is good but like any other regulation in Indonesia this act will only last a couple of months.

teather of kissEnough about that, let’s get you caught up. Last month, I bought a couple of L’Arc related stuff, but what I need to really talk about is the wonder that is Theater of Kiss. Initially I wanted to go to this live so bad, because I think just the name of it signfies something really wonderful. It reminded me of L’Arc’s tour names in the past. But… regretablyI couldn’t get tickets for this tour. When I watch this the DVD I was kicking myself because this live was superb.

They have this concept of Alice in Wonderland, obviously. The bunnies, Madhatter, huge air balloons in the shape of limbs popping out from sides of the stage, and crew members dressing up as blonde girls in dresses with white aprons, yeah you get the picture. I love the Hi-Def screen graphics very much! They fit with the song and seemed to put the song sequence as a whole and into a story. What really bugged me was the video graphic of Umibe. I mean the mermaid looks as if she was flying not swimming. They must have shot the video with the girl strap to a wire rather than in a tank filled with water and that bugged me because instead of enjoying this solemn song, my thoughts are distracted on why don’t they do something with the hair to make it look as she is under water. See what I mean, all that talk for a faulty shoot XD

The band played superbly in this live. hyde and tetsu even dressed for the occasion. The tracklist was amazing! I like that they include and She Said but somehow I feel that it’s lacking something. I feel that the band has outgrew the song in a sense that L’Arc has a lot of energy in store for a live and I expect something exciting and exhilarating from their lives. So even though I’m very happy that they perform old songs like and She Said, the song itself only serves a nostalgic purpose. Please don’t get me wrong on this XD I love the medley, especially how they start Driver’s High in the most unexpected way. I was like, “Hey, what was that?”.

The other thing that got really got me frozen in front of my TV was the sequence of -for me- the heart wrenching ALONE EN LA VIDASunadokeiUmibe. When these songs appeared I just sat there, in tears, hugging my pillow really tight XD

The P’UNK performance was very fun. ken looked really tired after Natsu no Yuutsu XD hyde’s MC before Hurry Xmas was so sweet. All in all it was a great live DVD. I like the off shot scene very much especially when they had to take influenza shots XD I love tetsu’s expression when he got injected. So adorable XD

I’ve been intoxicated by  L’Arc this couple of weeks. I’m filled with love every time I think of them recently. I’m currently waiting for my Hurry Xmas to arrive. Hope it arrives before Christmas XD They’re also going to release Chronicle 4. Hayai naa~ Next year they’re going to release the documentary of L’7, I can only hope that I can see a glimpse of me and niceey there. Shikano san, give the video you shot of us to the editing team XD

It has already been 7 months since the L’7 concert in Shanghai and me and Niceey are going to celebrate with a bunch of our friends on the 28th which happens to be ken’s birthday XD We’re also celebrating yukihiro’s birthday XD

PS. I’m really hoping that L’Arc will release a few singles next year. I miss them already T.T

mou sugu harowiin

Sorry for no updates lately >_< I’ve been very distracted by the preparations for the Nihon no Matsuri on 9 November. You can see the schedule here or download the PDF flyer here. Me and my friends from O!YAKI will be organizing the cosplay exhibition and handling the performance of On! Project, which is a girl group of dance performers managed by O!YAKI ^^. They’ll be dancing to the song of Berryz Koubou XD Be sure to catch them live on stage! XD

So this time around my boss took his daughter from Japan to visit him in Indonesia. He introduced me to her when he brought her along to the office with him. Her name is Ikuko. A few days later, thinking that she might feel bored having to stay at home while her father was working me and Vero decided to take her out for some frozen yogurt at Sour Sally and karaoke. I invited Shakina and Atre along too! At first she was a bit shy but after that she got along with us – we are in fact a friendly bunch XD. Karaoke at Doremido was fun! We sang a lot of different songs. From L’Arc~en~Ciel, Berryz, The Boom’s Shimauta, SPEED, MALICE MIZER, aiko etc. Wow, it’s been a long time since I sang a SPEED song. The last time was probably second grade in high school. There was Pretty girl too XD I was so excited when I sang that song XD And VAMPS’s LOVE ADDICT after singing that song Ikuko said, “you are cool,”. Eh? Really?

Yesterday, my boss went golfing with Vro’s boss. So I asked my boss the day before, what was Iku doing in the morning. He said nothing, but she has English lesson at 12.45 to 14.50. And I asked to him, whether it would be okay for me to also take the day off and go mini-golfing with her and Vro. Of course, my boss didn’t mind XD In response to the bosses having a day off for golf the secretaries also took the day off for mini golf at Putt Putt Golf, Senayan XD It cost Rp 25.000/play/person plus one Fruit Tea, which was reasonable. It was a lot of fun, even though it rained  just as we started at the first hole. So apparantly the guy gave us one extra fruit tea so we decided who ever wins, gets the extra fruit tea. I won that game, Iku was second place and Vro was 3rd place XD so I got to pick which fruit tea I want. Picked the strawberry one and said, “Kore ha KACHI no Aji!” (This is the taste of victory!), then Iku picked the Guava one and Vro wound up with the Apple one, to which I said, “Make no Aji,” (taste of defeat) XD

So after that we went to Plaza Senayan to have lunch. First, we went to the food court so Iku could taste Indonesian Yakitori from Sate Senayan. We ordered that sate ayamfor snack and continued eating at Sushi Tei. After spending the previous night crashing at Vro’s kost (rented room) in Grogol talking to her roommate about sashimi, it was the right thing to order salmon sashimi XD

Update: Yesterday Me, Vro and Iku went to Taman Anggrek for Ice Skating. It’s been a long while since I go skating. Roughly 8 years ago XD But I still remember how to. Iku used to take skating lessons back when she lived in Hokkaido for two years, so she was very good at it. Vro on the other hand… well this was her first skating experienced. She fell a couple of times, I feel bad for her X( but she got the hang of it after a while XD After that we walked around and decided to eat at Beppu Menkan. After that walked around to find some desserts. In Japanese saying women have a betsubara (different stomach) for dessert. I think that is so true XD So we head up to Gelamisto. They had a lot flavors to choose from. We ordered the triple scoop of Matcha, Red Rose Dew (we picked this because it was weird, it’s like the ice cream that Kamijo and Mana would eat all the time ^^) and Chocolate Roche (made from Ferrero Rocher).

Oh we also played bowling at Plaza Senayan XD It was Rp 126.000 for 50 minutes/lane for up to 6 players. We got around 6 game out of it. So before we played we decided to do a batsu game XD So the loser had to do a monkey dance in THE BOX , which is a booth that has a camera in it and if you are interesting your video will air on O Channel, if you’re weird or funny or interesting enough you will win a phone – Me and Niceey won one in the 2006 XD SO, in that game I lost >_< so I had to do the monkey dance.

So we went to Senayan City but before that, Iku’s dad/my boss, called Iku and asked us to join them for dinner and would meet us in Senayan City. So, yes, I did the monkey dance with my boss standing right there outside the booth >_<. But it’s okay. He’s a fun person and he knows that I’m a bit weird.

So after that we ate at Ootoya, right beside THE BOX booth. It was very good XD ordered the demiglazed Hamburg and for dessert Matcha ice cream with matcha jelly+azuki beans+mochi+soy milk+kuromitsu.

So we’ve already planned another event for Halloween. Bowling and Karaoke XD with costumes XD YAAAY XD can’t wait for halloween XD See you guys on the next update ^^