Pooped out.

I’m pretty pooped out this month. There seemed to be no end of it. This march seemed very long because there were lots of things going on with work -especially with the seminar- and On! Project. I’ve almost reached my limit -_-”

On this month there are also many releases, but sadly only one from L’Arc X( the dvd of L’7 XD i’m hoping for the best ^^. Other than that VAMPS are going to have a US tour -_-” and Ken is also busy with solo work.

The most shocking news was about the wedding of miyavi and melody. -_-” honestly, i don’t have a problem with him marrying melody. Other than that he is miyavi and he belongs to the public. Forgive me, i’m being incoherent. I’m just in the state of shock. Seishun ga nakushitashimaisou T.T

On other notes, I’ve started a new blog that tracks my waking up time. My boss recommended it to me since his daughter is using it also. You can find it at www.hayaoki-seikatsu.com/users/hydevilist. The entries will be totally different from this blog. I’m off to bed XD good night.


You should listen to Gackt’s Jesus!!!

gackt-tour I haven’t been a decent any of Gackt’s activity since his released Love Letter but I’m really drawn to Jesus.  Jesus is an all round COOL rock song! I already downloaded the PV! It is AMAZING!!! It has a lot of energy and the actor is really good too. Thinking of buying the single. The Dears only limited edition CD+DVD will be out on Nov 26 *why!?*, while the regular version will be out on Dec 3.

Check out the full PV here on youtube. If you think the sound and Gackt’s costume and the setting are reminiscent of Rebirth, the Requiem et Reminiscence era. Well, that’s because he will relive it!!! He’s doing 52 gigs in 43 cities. Check the details here on his official page.

My favorite era of Gackt has always been the Rebirth era. I’m looking forward to this Я+R II tour!

Byte Me!

I’ve been having loads of fun with my Z770i lately. One thing that I can’t do with my very old phone was using soundbytes or MP3 for sms alerts. I had fun extracting clips from various sources using the Creative Sound Blaster X-fi WaveStudio (I’m such a geek XD). So, I thought that I share some of the better ones that fits best for sms alerts ^^ enjoy.


hyde doeshita: taken from Gackt no Furachi no Otoko tachi radio show.

aa genki? hyde desu: taken from Gackt no Furachi no Otoko tachi radio show. It should be “aa Gacchan genki?” but I edited it XD

kohii guhuhu kohii: edited from Cartoon Kattun.

konbanwa hyde doesu: taken from Gackt no Furachi no Otoko tachi radio show.

kentama ni ha denwashite yo: taken from Ontama.


jijijijin denwa da yo: taken from Iro melomix CM. (also perfect for ringtones)

hai Gackt desu: taken from U-HA CM.

hanasou yo… hoge: taken from Iro melomix CM. (also perfect for ringtones)

kimi no koe ga hoshii: taken from dwango CM.

kore sekai no kihon desu: taken from Metal Gear Solid 2 CM.


inishie no tobira ga ima hirakaremashita: taken from Hyakkiyakou.

akaku akaku akaku somare: taken from Kiyuu no Uta.

kikaikaikaikai: taken from Hyakkiyakou.

Monty Python (yes gotta have one of these):

message for you sir: taken from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

So that’s it. I’ll share more if I make new ones. I’m currently looking for a clear version of both L’Arc’s NTT Personal CMs especially the one with hyde saying “Kimi ni aitai, kimi ni hanashitai”. Oh, if you have any suggestions for a nice sms alerts please tell me. Next I will skim out bytes from Gocha Maze ^^.

Another shout out to tetsu XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY XD


Yesterday was a busy day due to that write up about the Adam Air Makassar accident >_< and I was surprised to find this on this blog’s dashboard.

Fastest Growing WordPress.com blogs

  2. Raquel Evita Saraswati
  3. Mad Wombat
  4. hydevilist’s undecided
  5. Cheap Cooking
  6. Hyde and Seek
  7. Jenn Jalowiecki

and is listed #5 here. And the #78 at yesterday’s top blog posts.

Thank you for the visit everyone XD and I’ve reached more than 20,000 hits too ^^. YAY XD

Anyway this is an old news but I want the new Gackpoid Vocaloid 2. It’s 18,900 yen >_< On the top of my mind I would like him to sing various L’Arc songs and MALICE MIZER (Klaha Era songs) XD That would be cool to try XD I found some song generated by the Gackpoid in youtube, sound good XD Click here.

across the universe to juno.

Yesterday and the day before I watched Juno and Across The Universe. I enjoy Juno more than Across The Universe even though I think it’s really cool to watch a movie that is like a long video clip repertoire of The Beatles songs. Across The Universe just felt a little trippy for my taste, and the way it was put together felt really random to me. If it wasn’t for The Beatles factor, I wouldn’t have really liked it ^^. Juno on the other hand was a really witty movie, it was a good movie but it just sorta passed me by. I like the soundtrack by the way ^^.

What else did I do recently… My boss is having a bowling taikai (competition) and korean BBQ party with a whole lot of people from our section XD and I have to organize everything about it. That’s pretty much it. Today, I will finalize the preparation of my trip to the travel agency. They are going to deliver the airplane tickets today. On Friday, I’m gonna meet up with Rizka, Niceey and the rest of the gang ^^. I need to discuss things about this trip with Niceey. VISIBLE OUTFITS so the boys (L’Arc) can see us XD It’s only going to be 13 rows in front of us, I think we can manage to stand out… I think? So… 10 days to go XD


I’m on a slump today. Let’s see what’s nice to talk about. My laptop is still at the repair shop >_< Today I’m gonna watch Rizka’s play at Teater Populer XD and what else. I still haven’t got my L’Arc ticket KUSOKUSO TEMETEME!!! If this keeps up I might have to cancel the whole going to Japan thing X( GREAT! now that “HYDE” is going back playing Jesus or the Devil or whatever, L’Arc will go on another hiatus -____-” I love HYDE but why!? WHY NOW!? I shouldn’t be this sarcastic. Really the tour hasn’t even started. But serious when on earth will I be able to see L’Arc in concert. The ticket prices are killing me. I really think they should develop a better ticketing system that is scalper proof. I see tickets (regular and FC) being auctioned at Yahoo! Japan Auction. At least they should give a chance for overseas fans to buy tickets -__-“. I know that’s 素人-talk, but I really would like the chance to see them live. I really don’t know where should I rant it at! GOD DAMN YOU… someone? anyone? everyone? *shrugs*

Anyway ANYWAY, what’s this? It’s the trailer of KIDS starring Koike Teppei and Hiroshi Tamaki XD looks really gay, even though it’s not. I think for me Koike Teppei+xxx (anybody) = gay XD He’s lovable ^^ *intrigued to buy it*. See here. The price for the actual movie is cheaper than Teppei Koike’s video diary while taping the movie. This makes me wonder if the movie will be that good.

Speaking about CD/DVD, I read from CDJapan that Kagrra,‘s new album Core “…brings the band back to their roots in a more traditional Japan.” Really? With an English title still? I guess we’ll just have to wait. I’m really curious about Shin Hyakkiyakou XD

Things I’m looking forward to in the new year: Nodame Cantabile SP, Hachimitsu to Clover, L’Arc’s Theater of KISS (even though at this point I really really doubt that I can go), new L’Arc releases, hoping that my boss will extend my contract, flood (because it will happen), HYDE LIVE TOUR 2008 (because it WILL happen).

What else? What else? OH, on tv I’ve been watching Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Why? Because I’ve got nothing else to watch and these people aren’t half as obnoxious as other celebrities in their reality shows.

Here’s what you should always do when you’re in a slump.

reset. revamp. relive.

brought back my old website, +SIN+ from the dead. *shrug* I just thought I should write that down.

Hmm… there’s nothing interesting today… yet. I just did a tarot card reading on several people around my office. I wanted to take a vacation but I decided not to. What else, what else? I guess that’s it. Oh!!! L’Arc hit Oricon no. 1 with HY HEARTS DRAWS A DREAM! Well, anyone could have predicted it.

 UPDATE:remember when I wrote “there’s nothing interesting today… yet”. Here’s something interesting: VERSAILLES! Here’s their myspace page and here’s their The Revenant Choir PV (It’s weird seeing japanese band having myspace pages.) It’s Kamijo’s new band. I don’t know what to say about this one. I didn’t know this before. I haven’t been IN to much visual kei lately. “Isn’t it enough?” tte kanji desu yo ne? I like Lareine but that is as far as it goes, like. I enjoy listening to Billet, Fuyu Tokyo, Fiancailles, Metamorphose, seeing the glamour, the beauty, the enchantment. I like the fact that Kamijo is consistent on his image. But I dunno I just feel like… “heh? He’s back in his twisted delusional way! XD” Praise the lord for that though. I guess visual kei DOES need this kind of rescue. I wish MALICE MIZER would just REGROUP c’mon! But I guess Mana wouldn’t wanna go back to wearing those frilly lolita dresses. Oh well good luck to Versailles! XD