Confessions before dawn.

Actually I didn’t have any plans to go out today. I planned that I was gonna do some budget revision, making pig ears and snouts for Ghaida and just wait for something to happen. If nothing had happened, I might end up seeing The Fault In Our Stars (again, for the 3rd time. Let me spare you the details about why I watched it 3 times).

Then, Rena called to update me on a venue we had planned to use for an event and we decided to meet up in the 7 eleven downstairs in my apartment building. Being the bum that I am, I thought, “Nah, I don’t need to shower before going downstairs”. Wrong.

Turned out that 7 eleven was full and we went to Central Park instead. “Did you shower?”, should you ask. “It’s only five minutes away from my home’ I’ll shower when I get back.” Again, wrong decision.

I had received a very tangible email from a Japanese business colleague. In regards to that we had to go to Grand Indonesia to have a meeting with him… with me in the state of un-showered.

If that weren’t enough, my boyfriend said he was free tonight and ask me out for a date. But it didn’t end there, because someone spotted me and came up to chat. He was the guy from Google who is interested in doing some collaborations with JS.

So yeah, of all the days not to take a shower, I had to pick this particular day =-= But no worries, even though I’ve been through all that, I still smelled decent XD

#Unexpected #UMad #YYuNoShower #Confession

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