Rinintha, Revamped!

As you might have noticed, I spruced up the site ^^. I was thinking that a new look on the might work wonders to spark my interest on writing again in this blog. I am trying to at least post at least a few entries a week like I used, too. I really hope I can make the time to write.

Recently, I am really swamped with work… in a good way that I don’t lose all connection to humanity. After a long while, I’m actually busy doing something that I’m really excited about. I think it is safe to say that I have gotten out the burn-out out of my system.

Japanese Station

I’m a part of Japanese Station now, which is a Japanese news portal. We are now branching out and we currently have new divisions in Japanese Station. I’m currently in-charge in the creative department which oversees the talent and event divisions. To be honest, since we are a start-up company, we are actually a few hands short in a few places. Since I’m really caught up doing events lately, I really feel that the talent division is falling behind =-=;

Do to the amount of work my sleep cycle is really messed up and it’s like I’m living in a whole different time zone. A few days ago my friend called me at six in the morning and asked me to run with her in Senayan. She was surprised that I picked up the phone on the first ring and that I was already awake at 6 A.M. I had to excuse myself from joining her run because I just finished working and was just about to go to sleep.

Recently a day in

my life looked like this:

12:00     Wake up and look for latest SNS notifications, emails, news
13:30     Breakfast
14:00     Shower
15:00     Leave Apartment
15:30     Work / Hanging out / Brainstorming
02:00     Finish work
03:00     On twitter / tumblr occasionally emailing cute puppy / kitten / bunny pics to friends and/or significant other and write a blog entry.
04:00     Sleep

It might seem like I’m a total bum for waking up at 12 AM or even later, but after that I really do work into the wee hours of the night. I find that my daily life cycle is pretty effective since there are little to no distractions at night. You can actually hear yourself think and have all kinds of ideas. But alas, I do realize that it is not healthy to have this kind of life =-=; And even I do have friends that are joining me in this time zone, I am well aware that most of my friends and my boyfriend do not share the same luxury to sleep until noon. As I am finishing this last paragraph, it’s already 5.23 in the morning. I should really get back to normal sleeping hours soon 😀


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