Shit 2chan Said About Me

¡Hola, compadres! ^0^

I’m back after months of absence in this here blog and I’m back with a vengeance. Can you say, “O HEY! Where did that really dark blog go?” real fast?

After the last blog post about my departure from JKT48, this blog was picked up and diagnosed by the lurker’s paradise known as 2chan. Seeing that one of the top referrers for that entry was from 2chan, here are some of the shit about me according to 2chan.

According to 2chan I was the one that caused the graduation of an ex-member.
Fact: Umm, let’s clarify this with a big fat nope. I submitted my resignation first and then I heard about a meltdown in a rehearsal of a certain event (which I did not even attend) where that said member snapped at a staff that was later identified as “Lesbian Arogan”.  So with this blog post, I would like to clarify that I am not a dyke nor am I snobbish. Ergo, not the reason for the said ex-member to graduate.

According to 2chan I graduated from college 2-3 years ago and my age was 23.
Fact: This one is actually my bad; I haven’t updated my “About Me” section of the blog for a long time. At the time it still reads as “23 years old and works in JICA.”

Judging from my picture from flickr, 2chan thinks I have a dangerous aura.
Fact: Well, I took those pictures in college when I was deeply into visual kei. But I found this to be very hilarious XD

2chan also said that me changing job was normal for a young woman who was highly motivated in her career.
 This is somewhat true, since I was really trying to aim something bigger in life XD

Judging from the way I write the entry, 2chan thinks that I was super elite that was educated in either Europe or US.
Fact: Well, good people of 2chan, I’ll comment no more since you guys seem to got everything figured out =-=


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