ImageIt has been more than a year since I have been involved in what I thought was one of the most exciting project that has ever hit the Indonesian entertainment scene. In the beginning, the project drew a lot of attention and an unprecedented pessimism from a lot of people that would later on become fans and followers alike. Some said that it was a form of plagiarism, some said that it was a hoax. But those who were involved marched on and did what was necessary to make this project into a realization. I couldn’t help when that feeling of “this is what I was meant to do in life” hit me.

When the members had finally been chosen after a strenuous month of practice and selection, it felt like this project had been given life. A few months after being involved in this project had made me feel close to the members.

To be honest, I was never a fan of what the project had originated from. I had little to no interest of large group of cookie cutter teens singing bubblegum pop in unison, but I do have faith that these girls, this project has a fighting chance of actually going the distance. I was really happy seeing that I was a part of a group that help supported girls who are on their way to reach their dream. Soon after that, an opportunity rose for me to join as part of the team. I said yes immediately. I was excited on what was in store for this project.

Little that I know that that all of that excitement and sense of purpose, in time,  would diminish, bit by bit. There were a lot of things that happened during the course of this one year that has made me lost my passion toward this project and almost everything else. Therefore, as I wrote this, I am withdrawing myself from this project.

The decision itself was not an easy one to make. I kept going back and forth for quite sometime. When I did reach a decision, one part of me felt relieved and part of me felt like I’m actually counting down to my last days of living. This past year my life had been all about this project. Everything had been a roller coaster adventure and my I have experienced moments of joy, accomplishment, fun, disappointment, exhaustion and utter frustrations. After a lot of careful consideration, I believe it is time to move on and find another path to rediscover that all important sense of purpose.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this project and help the girls to achieve their current status. I also wish the girls the best of luck in their endeavours.



  1. Thanks Mbak Rini for everything!!! you’ve done a splendid work =D on behalf of the fans, i apologize if there were inappropriate words or acts that offense you in the past… thanks for all the attention you’ve showed to the girls all this time… therefore i wish the very best for you in your future project ^^ i’ll try to carry on your passion towards this project with all my support for the girls.. =) Good luck and Godspeed!!!

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