Wide enclosed spaces, bouffants and Tiffany’s

It’s 9pm on a working day at the end of the month, I haven’t received my salary yet (as per usual) and I’m horribly low on cash. But, here I am in a mall, sitting where ever as long as it’s not compulsory for me to buy anything. My choice of hide-out is here near the elevator comfortably tucked in behind a couple of pillars and a coffee place. I just finished the bread that I just bought for dinner, am typing away on my iPod and am not planning on doing anything else and going back to my 3 by 2 rented room in the other part of town just yet.

‘Why?’ you may (or may not) silently ask. Aside from the obvious traffic in the bustling yet organized metropolis that is Jakarta (pfffftt), I simply like it here. It’s not that I don’t like my rented room, —although it could use an air conditioner, cable tv with a DVD player, an internet connection, and things that makes me go ‘whee~’ and ‘squee~’ and less of the brusque landlady— but it hasn’t got enough room for my to let my mind wander and people watching. That’s why I like big fuck off malls, other than the wide space there are also dozens of people running about. If I’m lucky I could sometimes spot deranged old ladies with dried-bush-like bouffants carrying their Birkins or Prada or whatever and wearing platform sandals. Bouffants are the middle-aged mall-bound housewives equivalent of a military rank or office hierarchy. The taller the bouffant, the higher the husbands position. A messy and tall bouffant is like post power syndrome, it reached tall and glorified places but it’s collapsing like a failed soufflé. Umm, that’s about enough of the bouffant. Didn’t spot any today. Wasn’t my lucky day.

Back to the mall thingy. I’ve been doing this since when I was in college. No money, posh malls. I haven’t been able to put it in simple words before, but now, ah, now I have come up with a name for it. Simply put it’s the Breakfast in Tiffany’s Syndrome. I like it here because people are seemingly happy and have charmed lives like nothing went wrong in life and in the world. It’s the kind of world I wanna live in. That’s why I like it here.


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