もう一人のhyde. もう一人のHYDE.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but for quite some time I utterly hated a little band called VAMPS. When it was first announced that HYDE would do a new unit with KAZ instead of a solo project I was a bit disappointed because it wouldn’t really be a “solo”, it was the same kind of disappointment when tetsu played bass for Creature Creature, but I decided to give them a try, I mean it IS hyde.
I did buy all of their singles even with the suckiness that is I GOTTA KICK START NOW because I had high hopes for them. But I drew the line on the album I only find 3-4 songs actually worth listening, the rest are just novelty songs. I hated them because they are more active than L’Arc and they don’t really let me savour the excitement I had when L’Arc actually has something to look forward to (so, it was very personal). Whenever L’Arc announced they were about to release something out like a single or DVD, before that single was released, there went VAMPS announcing they were having some kind of world tour.
For quite a while I hated HYDE in VAMPS which led me to hate hyde in L’Arc, which was an awful feeling because I loved this band for 12 years now. But recently, I had come to terms with the situation. Now, I consider that the HYDE in VAMPS -the wannabe rock star that has god-awful arm tats and toasting with a bottle of beer every time a show ends- and the hyde in L’Arc -the one I have been a fan of for 12 years- are two different persons. That way it’ll be easier for my mind to not be bothered by what VAMPS is doing. The man’s an Aquarius; he has a certain gift with adapting (or the curse if being washed away by the current). In conclusion, I have no more problems with HYDE in VAMPS since it’s not really hyde and come to think of it the name hyde has never been so fitting.


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  1. Hei, sorry to bother. I have a plan to watch l’anniversary in hkg, and im googling to know how hard to get the ticket.
    I find that u already watch larc concert in shanghai in 2008. Can u give any tips how to get the ticket, where to buy, etc etc bcause im longing to see their concert.
    I’m from indonesia too.. Thx in advance

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