New found love

It’s been a while since I really blogged about L’Arc~en~Ciel, I do have to admit that the reason was lack of activity on their part and the full blown activity of VAMPS. The recent release of BLESS wasn’t really fullfiling also. It was good but not great. The best part of the song was actually when it almost reaches the end when ken throws in those guitar riffs. To put it in short I was a bit bored. I also spent a little time away from their music because I couldn’t find anymore surprises and for some parts because I think that their music was reminiscent of a great time that has passed, that now in reality I am living in a world where L’Arc has subdued and the members are concentrating more on their solo/unit project than the band itself.

The news of a ‘members selection’ best album that comes in four different CD weren’t exactly the kind of activity I was hoping for, that it was another ploy to extort fans. I mean how many ‘best of albums’ one band can release? They already have 4 now, to add another one with ‘a twist’ was just redundant for me to buy seeing that I already have every single CD they’ve released and I have no reason to buy that CD due to my undying love for them and for the sake of completion, well, the L’Arquiz DVD bonus was a tangible bonus

But then there were news that the QUADRINITY CDs wil be remastered, and I thought that this is something actually worth to look forward to! Around the same time down at jrocknyc, Go was having this ‘Choose Your Own Greatest Hits’ for L’Arc in which he asked his readers to pick 3 best songs from L’Arc, one for each different eras. It struck me there, when I feel that extremely hard to nominate which songs are better than the other seeing that all of their songs are nothing short of great. So, there I realize that L’Arc even the post 2000 hiatus is still a great band, regardless. So here I am with my new found love (yet again) toward this awesome band. See you guys in 2011!

P.S. for those of you who are interested, I’m selling all of my VAMPS single including some of the better ones: EVANESCENT and SWEET DREAMS.


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