One hell of a rain

Last night it was raining like crazy in Bogor. The train was delayed for half an hour just going back and forth before we finally reach the Bogor station. Now, I like the rain better than the next person but what I don’t like is getting my feet wet when I’m already wearing socks and shoes. It feels icky. It’s just something I pick up when I was kid. One day my mom took me to the market and it had rained the night before, as a result there were many mud puddles. It was horrific for me.

Let me describe what the condition was last night. So, Bogor station is surrounded by a market place and it’s not one of those clean ones. The area of the station itself is so-so, with a bit of trash and crumpled up newspaper here and there. There are certain places -outside the platforms- that smell like pee, it doesn’t really surpise me that people (especially men) still don’t use the toilet to pee. So imagine this place and add it with a huge rain. So yeah.


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