Valentine Weekend

It has been very hot and humid in Jakarta lately. I can feel that I’m literally toasted when I go outside in daytime. Also since I’m back to commuting from Bogor, the conditions on the train isn’t really helping anyway. Today, the train that I rode was freakishly hot since the air conditioning was off >_<.

Valentine's Day is coming. I have no special plans other than to gorge in some lovely parfait somewhere in Jakarta with friends. My boss suggested a sashimi and sushi restaurant for me and my friends to have our Valentine's Day fiesta. Not sure that we would go there, though. Valentine's day and raw seafood doesn't really go together. I mean that's why they associate Valentine's Day with chocolates, right? So the rest of us who don't have that significant someone to have the same endorphin levels as the ones that do by popping chocolate hearts the whole day XD

Last week me, Shaki and Vro went for dinner and some window shopping at Grand Indonesia. So they have these fortune telling booths there so we thought we should go and give it a try. There were two fortune tellers and their methods were aura reading and card reading. Well, seeing that I can read Tarot cards every one decided to go with the aura reading. The fortune was a middle aged lady and my fortune was: 1. That I have a strong personality (I guess so), 2. Problems with health are mainly regarding to my stomach (I do have problems with my stomach lately), 3. No problem with money and jobs, but problems with my study (not so sure about this one since my contract will be over this March), 4. There won't be any chances for me to go abroad this year but she sees a journey for me next year (2011!!!), 5. I will meet my soulmate on April-May (I don't really believe in the whole soulmate thing but I guess we just have to wait and see). So yeah.


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