“Best of…” CDs with a twist

L’Arc is going to release a member’s best selection that contains 4 audio CDs and 1 quiz CD about L’Arc. Considering that it has 5 CDs the price tag of less than 5000 yen seemed fair but it will be released on March where coincidentally I will be out of work since my boss has to go back to Japan. An addition to that they will also release Trans ASIA via PARIS live in Tokyo Dome DVD, it has two discs but I’m still wondering if there will be backstage shot or clips of other cities they’ve been to on they’re tour back on 2008. I guess I’m still hoping to see a much clearer glimpse of me and Ida when we attended the concert in Shanghai. This DVD will be on sale for around 7000 yen or so. Would like to have them both but I also gotta save up for they’re live in 2011 >_<.

On another note, I've just finished organizing most of my L'Arc song into my iPod. It was a whole lot of work since I wanted them to be perfectly organized. I had to rewrite some of the tags and I attached cover arts and Japanese lyrics to them. I'm lacking some stuff though, mainly some songs from Sony's infamous Labelgate CD. First thing tomorrow I'm gonna download the songs.


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