A whole brand new…

Hello earthlings,
It’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything here. Mainly it’s because I’m too ADD to write anything in the office and haven’t got the chance to write while I’m commuting. I’ve tried my hands on mobile blogging through my Sony Ericsson Z770i but as reality gives it, blogging through a non qwerty keyboard is literally painful.

So remember a few while back when technology hates me? It was when my beloved Sony NW-HD 5 Walkman (that I called L’Arc~m~An) and my ancient PDA died on the same day. For a few months I was devastated because I could only use my phone to listen music. It was dreary because it only fits a maximum 30 songs or so. I wasn’t about to buy a new flash memory because I was determined to save up for an iPod. And so I did ^^ iPod touch やっと買った.

Seeing that this smart little thing has it’s very own WordPress app, so I’m hoping to blog more with this thing. As long as long as there’s a wifi network I’ll update my blog ^^.


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