The day technology hates me.

So last Monday when I was riding the train as usual, I reached in to my bag and grabbed my Sony HD-NW5 walkman (or as I would like to call it L’Arc~m~An). Turned it on, waiting for the initialization (there are dots going round in circles shown on the screen at this process) and nothing. So I tried again, pushing the play button that I covered with a hyde sticker, it  initialized and it said “no database found” and I went “WTF”.

After I got to the office, I took out my office laptop from my bag, turned it on and plug in the charger in to the nearest power socket. But hey, guess what? I brought the wrong laptop charger -_____-” So I could not work at all that day, well I did use the laptop for a rough 30 minutes or so. Fucking hell.

So, I rummaged my drawer looking for my old PDA. It won’t turn on! So I thought the batteries must have died so I replaced them. Tried pushing the power button again and nothing happened. It died too. Basically, I had nothing to do that day but accessing the internet through my phone.

Technology hates me that day. But the next day I brought the right charger, and really didn’t mind about the PDA since it was manufactured in 2001, so its time on earth is way overdue. My biggest concern was and still is my L’Arc~m~An. I had this player since 2005 and I thought it was virtually indestructible since it had a shock protection thingy. I’m gonna get it to a service center in hopes that it can be fixed. If not I might have to buy a new mp3 player -___-” If that’s the case, I’ll save up to buy the 32gb or 64gb iPod touch.


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