food, movies, and On! Project this week.

Yesterday,  I was out from the office late because my boss needed to buy some racks for the laboratory so he asked me to help him buy it. It was for sure that I was going to miss the train. So I decided to call up my dad and have him pick me up. Before I was dismissed my boss treated me with a delicious dinner at Ootoya in Plaza Indonesia. He said that in Japan, Ootoya’s establishment isn’t as luxurious as it is in Jakarta. Ootoya is a chain store so they aren’t luxurious in Japan. But seeing that the Japanese prices are high (to this side and maybe the rest of the world) to begin with, so I can wonder why Ootoya shops in Jakarta are luxurious.

I ate the Kihada Maguro no Tsukedon, which was delicious. I checked on the official home page that it was 522 kal -____-” If it was, that was a hefty dinner. But I don’t remember my bowl had the egg so the calories must be lower… Or so I hope. It was delicious the rice really atributes the taste. I love the sauce and the sesame. YUM!

My boss went home straight after dinner and I decided to catch a movie while my dad was still in a meeting. I decided to watch Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. I gotta be honest with you, the only thing that made me wanted to see this movie was to see Bruce Willis. Haven’t seen him in a movie since DIE HARD 4.0. The movie was so-so. It didn’t leave any impression on me. Because movies of the same type has been made before. I see it as a mix of the Matrix; I, Robot and Minority Report. It’s a been there done that movie -___-” But seeing Bruce Willis is a treat even though he doesn’t pop out very much.

So, this week is Japan Week and they are having Japan-related events through out this week. The finale will be a matsuri called the Jak-Japan Matsuri (I really believe they could have chosen a better name, but hey what ever rocks your boat ^^) at The National Monument. On! Project will be there as well by the way (link 1) (link 2) performing 2 songs. I’m really sorry for the lack of updates of both sites. Since my departure from this blog, all my will to write has been decreased to 140 characters or less. But anyway, it feels good to write again as I shed my addictiveness to facebook. I might need sometime to get rid of the need to tweet.


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