twitter is a killer.

I’m bored. Seriously bored. There was a time when I use to write a lot in this blog when I’m bored. Now between all of the social networks -dangling from facebook to twitter and back- I have forgotten pretty much how to write a comprehensive paragraph. Hey, this is the age of instant information, right? Seeing that anybody who doesn’t have a mobile blogging connectivity has to open up their notebooks, write something down, upload picture separately, THEN publish their blogs (if they are anything like me, they would be distracted by the WWW and get lost in the maze of social networking sites and downloads). Compared to twitter writing a long comprehensive blog is a hassle and a waste of time. With twitter when you do/think/see something you can access it from your mobile phone and text away the essentials in 140 characters or less. Pictures? You can instantly upload it to a photo share site dedicated for twitter twats. And there you have it,the epitome of information in its most instant fashion.

But gradually, I really want to return to the good all fashion blogging. One thing I’ve learned that things like twitter, facebook, and other social networking are addictive and I realized that most of the time I just pondering, obsessing back and forth just to check if there are new updates. It kills time and it kills creativity. So, let’s hear it, “I’m Rinintha and I’m an addict.”



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  2. That’s right girl, it’s time 4 u to wake up from all this stupid “social” networking. I’m lucky to realize it earlier than u. It’s the ultimate social gimmick that make all of us almost forget how to interact and to make friends in the real world. I don’t tell u to delete ur fb/tweet/hi5 whatever account, but to use it just as a tool. U’ re the one who control it, don’t let them take control of u. Welcome to the world, one more time.

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