Why I want and need a word-processor instead of a notebook?

Well first off, I already have a notebook, its a bit outdated (a toshiba satellite circa 2004/2005) and a bit bulky, I have no complaints about it. But unlike when I first have it in my college years, I’m not gonna carry it around because its hella heavy and in my current situation I don’t really see the need to carry a notebook everywhere I go. I really don’t need all of the notebook’s feature, I just need to write from it.

What happens if I’m tuned in to a notebook is that I get distracted of pictures, music and internet connections (when available). With this Pomera I can just write.

*pic via http://www.akihabaranews.com/

I use to have an AlphaSmart 2000 which is now ancient. I dug it up a few while ago. I got excited because it actually works. But when I try to hook it up to the PC it won’t send the file. I was so bummed. Maybe there was a problem with the wiring. I guess, until I have around 27,000 yen lying around, I have to figure out how to connect my AlphaSmart 2000 to the PC.

*pic via http://drwicked.com/


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