Pooped out.

I’m pretty pooped out this month. There seemed to be no end of it. This march seemed very long because there were lots of things going on with work -especially with the seminar- and On! Project. I’ve almost reached my limit -_-”

On this month there are also many releases, but sadly only one from L’Arc X( the dvd of L’7 XD i’m hoping for the best ^^. Other than that VAMPS are going to have a US tour -_-” and Ken is also busy with solo work.

The most shocking news was about the wedding of miyavi and melody. -_-” honestly, i don’t have a problem with him marrying melody. Other than that he is miyavi and he belongs to the public. Forgive me, i’m being incoherent. I’m just in the state of shock. Seishun ga nakushitashimaisou T.T

On other notes, I’ve started a new blog that tracks my waking up time. My boss recommended it to me since his daughter is using it also. You can find it at www.hayaoki-seikatsu.com/users/hydevilist. The entries will be totally different from this blog. I’m off to bed XD good night.


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