live seafood in batam.

Before anything else, I would like to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY hyde!!!!! OH MY GOD THE BIG FOUR-OH! THE BEST OF LUCK XD

-written on my PDA-

for dinner my boss asked me to recommend a good place to eat. since my dad worked in batam for almost a year, i asked him. he recommended 4 places. i narrowed it down to two places and then ask the taxi driver to pick the better one. he suggested that we go to Golden Prawn, where we could eat fresh seafood. not realizing the enormity of it, i agreed to his suggestion. the place was huge and the location is very nice, situated above a vast pond, very outdoor-sey.

when i got inside i realized that we had to choose our own living creature to kill and eat! in the past i had no problem in such place since all i had to do is left all the orders up to my parents and i just eat whatever that was order but i stayed away from fish most of the time since i can’t being stared at by my food. but in today’s case i can’t argue, since i have to guide them through the process of picking the best fish to eat. it was a stomach-turning experience. i was nauseated half of the time i was in the ‘market’ area -they have little pools and tanks of fishes and prawn and seashells. the meanest thing is that they have sharks and turtles! that’s just plain heartless. i almost cried when i saw them T.T

in the and my boss picked a KRAPU or garoupa that would be steamed, prawn that would be cooked in butter and some sort of big seashell named RANGGA or something that would be grilled. i enjoyed the seashell the most. the least was the fish, i kept positioning my glass of watermelon juice to block the sight of the fish. out of hospitality one of these 3 japanese men kept offering me the fish which was okay, until he offered me a big chunk that comprised of the fin. at that i felt a bit seasick -____-”

so apparently they have an open mic event on a stage and anybody was more than welcomed to sing karaoke. so long story short i went up the stage and sing ENKA! one is Amagigoe by Ishikawa Sayuri and Futarizake by Kawanaka Miyuki. next i did a duet with Kusuhara-san, who was completely baffled that i had a genuine interest for enka. we sang Kitaguni no Haru and Kita Sakaba. that was fun.

so there you have it my update on batam.

PS. I really want to go to Singapore T-T


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