How To Be… in a good mood

howtobeA few days ago I went to a free screening of How To Be in Kinokuniya. It was a good movie about a twenty something guy, Art (Robert Pattinson), having a quarter life crisis who is constantly unhappy. He finds that the problem probably lies on how he was brought up as a child. He seeks the help of a self help therapist to be happy. For someone like me, who kinda feels that sometimes everything in life is wrong, this is a good movie. I find that Art is a very lovable character aside from the obvious quirks. I also find that there’s nothing that can cure a depression better than the person’s mindset and of course that needs time.

SO today, I’m in a surprisingly good mood. Yesterday, I spent the whole day alone in my house doing nothing (and a bit of moping around). I guess that really helped me release some of the negativity that’s been around. I think that maybe the reason of my good mood. Or maybe it’s related to my personal get up motto “great hair, great day”. Somehow a perfectly coiffed hair makes a good day for me since I always let my hair fell into place and never arrange it  intendedly. Or maybe it was having to hear DIVE TO BLUE again after a long while. Or maybe it was the calm gloomy skies above (I always like it when the sky is gloomybe it before or after the rain. Maybe it’s a combination of those things, so I try to keep it up today  ^^.

I will be going to Surabaya on the 19th, so I have to reserve air tickets now.


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