Happy (belated) New Year

Well, I’ve been having some sort of writer’s block for a while, that and I was (and still) extremely busy with my job -___-“. There are so may things I wanted to write about but I can’t seem to get the words out of my head. This was proven when I had some copy writing to do for On! Project‘s media kit (I’ve been meaning to talk about this for ages).But, I decided I had to force it out since, I really miss blogging T-T.

So what have I been up to for the last few weeks? Well…

  • I’ve been working with On! Project, which is a new idol group, a their manager and stuff. They performed in Nihon no Matsuri in Jakarta International Expo (the largest expo hall in Indo), 2 day performance in Mekarsari Amazing Tourism Park with the likes of Pinkan Mambo and J-rocks, and 3 days in IMMG’s Japanese Animation Festival in The Plaza Semanggi.
  • Joining in the pubescent frenzy of Twilight XD For me who loves vampires, this is the flick to see. I got to admit that there were some “Eh?” moments in the movie, but I was okay. Seeing a vampire family of 6 was worth it. If you’re a movie buff, don’t get your hopes up, just expect a teen flick with a twist, then you wouldn’t end up complaining about the movie like some of the people I know. Now I’m waiting for my New Moon and Eclipse to arrive.
  • Having a quiet new year’s eve gathering with Aike and Frida. First me and Aike spent the day eating out in Bogor with Vaz and then after Vaz had gone home me and Aike went to see Twilight (3rd time for me and 8th time for her, coz she is that crazy). I love the soundtrack XD
  • Meeting a friend from childhood, Thomas, which turned out to be fun. I hadn’t met him in like 10 years, so it was good to see him again.
  • Watch HOUSE season 5! It’s the best season yet!
  • Organizing JICA seminars in Surabaya and Batam, which means I got to travel XD I’m planning on going to Singapore via Batam with my friend Vro and Brigitta. But on a heavier note, this is going to be tiring. On the 19th I’ll be out of town except on the weekends. YOSH! GAMBARE!

So, here are my 2009 resolutions:

1. Work harder in a job that I like.

2. Stick to my saving plan for L’Arc concert in 2011.

3. Keep healthy, work out more.

4. Maybe _try_ and find love.

5. Graduate -_-”

In retrospect 2008 was, so far, the greatest year I have ever had (with the L’Arc concert in Shanghai and stuff) and it would be a challenge to make 2009 as exciting as 2008.

PS. I FREAKING MISS L’Arc~en~Ciel!!! So far, no signs of any activities in 2009 T-T. Ken focusing on his solo single, album, and tour -the whole nine yards-, which is great because I love Ken’s music (Speed WAS AWESOME!), I heard news of a VAMPS album… err no comment on this (-__________-“). I’m glad that they’re still producing music but…



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  1. hey, saw your blog somewhere else, not sure how I actually got here, lol. But I checked that on project site, pretty cool, sounds like a cool place to work at. Dido on the working harder for the job, I have been slacking too : )

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