The Wonder of Theater of KISS

08.11.24 I haven’t blog in a very long time. I’ve had so many things to do lately. So I decided to pull up my old PDA to help me blog while I’m commuting. Seeing that I wrote this on the road, I could share interesting things I see when I’m commuting. Like today I see a bunch of the new no-smoking squad that roams public areas like stations and bus stops to bust people who smoke in public. I think this is good but like any other regulation in Indonesia this act will only last a couple of months.

teather of kissEnough about that, let’s get you caught up. Last month, I bought a couple of L’Arc related stuff, but what I need to really talk about is the wonder that is Theater of Kiss. Initially I wanted to go to this live so bad, because I think just the name of it signfies something really wonderful. It reminded me of L’Arc’s tour names in the past. But… regretablyI couldn’t get tickets for this tour. When I watch this the DVD I was kicking myself because this live was superb.

They have this concept of Alice in Wonderland, obviously. The bunnies, Madhatter, huge air balloons in the shape of limbs popping out from sides of the stage, and crew members dressing up as blonde girls in dresses with white aprons, yeah you get the picture. I love the Hi-Def screen graphics very much! They fit with the song and seemed to put the song sequence as a whole and into a story. What really bugged me was the video graphic of Umibe. I mean the mermaid looks as if she was flying not swimming. They must have shot the video with the girl strap to a wire rather than in a tank filled with water and that bugged me because instead of enjoying this solemn song, my thoughts are distracted on why don’t they do something with the hair to make it look as she is under water. See what I mean, all that talk for a faulty shoot XD

The band played superbly in this live. hyde and tetsu even dressed for the occasion. The tracklist was amazing! I like that they include and She Said but somehow I feel that it’s lacking something. I feel that the band has outgrew the song in a sense that L’Arc has a lot of energy in store for a live and I expect something exciting and exhilarating from their lives. So even though I’m very happy that they perform old songs like and She Said, the song itself only serves a nostalgic purpose. Please don’t get me wrong on this XD I love the medley, especially how they start Driver’s High in the most unexpected way. I was like, “Hey, what was that?”.

The other thing that got really got me frozen in front of my TV was the sequence of -for me- the heart wrenching ALONE EN LA VIDASunadokeiUmibe. When these songs appeared I just sat there, in tears, hugging my pillow really tight XD

The P’UNK performance was very fun. ken looked really tired after Natsu no Yuutsu XD hyde’s MC before Hurry Xmas was so sweet. All in all it was a great live DVD. I like the off shot scene very much especially when they had to take influenza shots XD I love tetsu’s expression when he got injected. So adorable XD

I’ve been intoxicated by  L’Arc this couple of weeks. I’m filled with love every time I think of them recently. I’m currently waiting for my Hurry Xmas to arrive. Hope it arrives before Christmas XD They’re also going to release Chronicle 4. Hayai naa~ Next year they’re going to release the documentary of L’7, I can only hope that I can see a glimpse of me and niceey there. Shikano san, give the video you shot of us to the editing team XD

It has already been 7 months since the L’7 concert in Shanghai and me and Niceey are going to celebrate with a bunch of our friends on the 28th which happens to be ken’s birthday XD We’re also celebrating yukihiro’s birthday XD

PS. I’m really hoping that L’Arc will release a few singles next year. I miss them already T.T


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