You should listen to Gackt’s Jesus!!!

gackt-tour I haven’t been a decent any of Gackt’s activity since his released Love Letter but I’m really drawn to Jesus.  Jesus is an all round COOL rock song! I already downloaded the PV! It is AMAZING!!! It has a lot of energy and the actor is really good too. Thinking of buying the single. The Dears only limited edition CD+DVD will be out on Nov 26 *why!?*, while the regular version will be out on Dec 3.

Check out the full PV here on youtube. If you think the sound and Gackt’s costume and the setting are reminiscent of Rebirth, the Requiem et Reminiscence era. Well, that’s because he will relive it!!! He’s doing 52 gigs in 43 cities. Check the details here on his official page.

My favorite era of Gackt has always been the Rebirth era. I’m looking forward to this Я+R II tour!


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