mou sugu harowiin

Sorry for no updates lately >_< I’ve been very distracted by the preparations for the Nihon no Matsuri on 9 November. You can see the schedule here or download the PDF flyer here. Me and my friends from O!YAKI will be organizing the cosplay exhibition and handling the performance of On! Project, which is a girl group of dance performers managed by O!YAKI ^^. They’ll be dancing to the song of Berryz Koubou XD Be sure to catch them live on stage! XD

So this time around my boss took his daughter from Japan to visit him in Indonesia. He introduced me to her when he brought her along to the office with him. Her name is Ikuko. A few days later, thinking that she might feel bored having to stay at home while her father was working me and Vero decided to take her out for some frozen yogurt at Sour Sally and karaoke. I invited Shakina and Atre along too! At first she was a bit shy but after that she got along with us – we are in fact a friendly bunch XD. Karaoke at Doremido was fun! We sang a lot of different songs. From L’Arc~en~Ciel, Berryz, The Boom’s Shimauta, SPEED, MALICE MIZER, aiko etc. Wow, it’s been a long time since I sang a SPEED song. The last time was probably second grade in high school. There was Pretty girl too XD I was so excited when I sang that song XD And VAMPS’s LOVE ADDICT after singing that song Ikuko said, “you are cool,”. Eh? Really?

Yesterday, my boss went golfing with Vro’s boss. So I asked my boss the day before, what was Iku doing in the morning. He said nothing, but she has English lesson at 12.45 to 14.50. And I asked to him, whether it would be okay for me to also take the day off and go mini-golfing with her and Vro. Of course, my boss didn’t mind XD In response to the bosses having a day off for golf the secretaries also took the day off for mini golf at Putt Putt Golf, Senayan XD It cost Rp 25.000/play/person plus one Fruit Tea, which was reasonable. It was a lot of fun, even though it rained  just as we started at the first hole. So apparantly the guy gave us one extra fruit tea so we decided who ever wins, gets the extra fruit tea. I won that game, Iku was second place and Vro was 3rd place XD so I got to pick which fruit tea I want. Picked the strawberry one and said, “Kore ha KACHI no Aji!” (This is the taste of victory!), then Iku picked the Guava one and Vro wound up with the Apple one, to which I said, “Make no Aji,” (taste of defeat) XD

So after that we went to Plaza Senayan to have lunch. First, we went to the food court so Iku could taste Indonesian Yakitori from Sate Senayan. We ordered that sate ayamfor snack and continued eating at Sushi Tei. After spending the previous night crashing at Vro’s kost (rented room) in Grogol talking to her roommate about sashimi, it was the right thing to order salmon sashimi XD

Update: Yesterday Me, Vro and Iku went to Taman Anggrek for Ice Skating. It’s been a long while since I go skating. Roughly 8 years ago XD But I still remember how to. Iku used to take skating lessons back when she lived in Hokkaido for two years, so she was very good at it. Vro on the other hand… well this was her first skating experienced. She fell a couple of times, I feel bad for her X( but she got the hang of it after a while XD After that we walked around and decided to eat at Beppu Menkan. After that walked around to find some desserts. In Japanese saying women have a betsubara (different stomach) for dessert. I think that is so true XD So we head up to Gelamisto. They had a lot flavors to choose from. We ordered the triple scoop of Matcha, Red Rose Dew (we picked this because it was weird, it’s like the ice cream that Kamijo and Mana would eat all the time ^^) and Chocolate Roche (made from Ferrero Rocher).

Oh we also played bowling at Plaza Senayan XD It was Rp 126.000 for 50 minutes/lane for up to 6 players. We got around 6 game out of it. So before we played we decided to do a batsu game XD So the loser had to do a monkey dance in THE BOX , which is a booth that has a camera in it and if you are interesting your video will air on O Channel, if you’re weird or funny or interesting enough you will win a phone – Me and Niceey won one in the 2006 XD SO, in that game I lost >_< so I had to do the monkey dance.

So we went to Senayan City but before that, Iku’s dad/my boss, called Iku and asked us to join them for dinner and would meet us in Senayan City. So, yes, I did the monkey dance with my boss standing right there outside the booth >_<. But it’s okay. He’s a fun person and he knows that I’m a bit weird.

So after that we ate at Ootoya, right beside THE BOX booth. It was very good XD ordered the demiglazed Hamburg and for dessert Matcha ice cream with matcha jelly+azuki beans+mochi+soy milk+kuromitsu.

So we’ve already planned another event for Halloween. Bowling and Karaoke XD with costumes XD YAAAY XD can’t wait for halloween XD See you guys on the next update ^^


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