hisashiburi no update

The last month I’ve been very busy >_< There were a lot of things to do. So, I felt kinda bad that I had to leave this blog with no updates. So, I’m currently on holiday until the 6th YAAAYYY! My boss won’t be back from Japan until the 15th, so I could relax a bit. My office is planning to hold seminars in Surabaya and Batam next year, so I’ll be busy. I already asked my boss about the possibility of me going to Singapore after the Batam seminar is over, and he said okay. But, I’m hoping that he still pays for my flight back to Jakarta.

So, to make it easy for me to update stuff, I’ve prepared some picture.

Meeting for Nihon no Matsuri in Sakana Restaurant

So, a few months ago I was asked by Nozomi chan (girl standing on the right), who works for The Jakarta Post and had interviewed me and my group of friends in a Japanese event, to help out Nihon no Matsuri, a Japanese event that is organized by the Japanese Embassy. I was asked to help out with the cosplay event. Be on the look out for this event, there will be a lot of acts imported straight from Japan like Honoudaiko and this lantern balancing act.

I gotta tell you something about Sakana. Before, I went there to celebrate the end of the 2 and half week long seminar I’ve told you about. This Japanese restaurant somewhat looks like a geisha tea house and serve a range of Japanese delicacies. It also serves fusion food. Coincidentally, the owner of this restaurant, Akai san, is the head coordinator of the event. So we can used the VIP room (and enjoy the delicious food… for free) thanks to him m(_ _)m. So in the first meeting I showed everyone some of my cosplay pictures. When I mentioned about Ganguro style, Akai san cringed and said “Ganguro kirai da!”. Then apologetically, I showed him this picture of me cosplaying as a ganguro. And he said “Kawaii yo kore,” instantly I said, “Uso deshou?” XD But then he was interested on my yanki cosplay. Turns out he is a fan of Japanese yakuza movie and on the second meeting when I mentioned I was looking for Sugawara Bunta’s movie, he borrowed me a whole bunch of yakuza movies including all of the volumes of Jingi Naki Tatakai (trailer here – you might seen a clip of this movie from hyde and ken in a Pa Pa Pa Pa Puffy episode where they re-enact a scene).

Dinner at Secret Recipe with Shakina and Vro

It’s been a long time since I last eat at Secret Recipe. So before going back to Bogor, we stopped by at Cibubur to eat there. The Mongolian Chicken was superb as usual. We all each ordered our food along with a tall glass of juice and a slice of mouth-watering cake XD

Another thing that happened last month was Vro’s graduation. I was invited and dragged to the shindig XD She also invited our bosses (didn’t really get on why she did that, but hey it’s her graduation). The event was held in Jakarta Convention Center. She was supposed to be there at 7.30. So we left Bogor on 6.15 after she had her make up done (I personally don’t get why you have to be fully made up for a graduation ceremony, but then again it’s her graduation). We arrived at JCC just at the nick of time.

I made a deal with her, that if I were to come to the event, I would come dressed up/semi-cosplaying. She agreed. So I went there l, in the words of my old boss, looking like a Japanese joshikosei (school girl), after school of course. I wore a fedora, with a black mini dress that I never wore before, argyle stockings layered with checkered socks, and my trusty colorful Converse sneakers. Pretty much looking like this:

Keeping myself busy before the event.

The event ends at 12pm (4 long hours) and afterwards all of our bosses excuse themselves because one of them had to go back to Japan. After it was all over, we went to Plaza Senayan with Vro and her parents. Me and Vro were left there after we had lunch, because we need to go to another meeting of the Nihon no Matsuri. So, we took the opportunity to do a bit of mall crasher. Vero was wearing a white kebaya she borrowed from our friend, Tina, that works in JICA as well. Must have been weird seeing a full-fledged kebaya wearing girl with a girl that looks like a joshikosei like this:

see the difference?

So we went here and there looking for some books at Kinokuniya and looking for a set of Sony earphones, we ended up sitting in the foodcourt waiting for Niceey to come and pick us up to go to Sakana for the meeting. We decided we should walk across to Senayan City to get us some Sour Sally.

That day I had planned to go back to Bogor after the meeting that I hope would end before 19.21 (which was the last train from Jakarta to Bogor). That hope was futile -_-“. The meeting ended at 10pm and I had to stay at Vro’s rented room in Grogol -_-“. I don’t really like staying over at Jakarta, but might as well.

The next day, my dad called and asked whether if I wanna go home or not, since I work the next day I guess it would be better for me if I stayed over for another night. And that’s that.

See you on the next update XD Happy Ied XD


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