5th collection of Aya na ture

So on September 1st, Sakai Ayana released her 5th collection catalog on her official site, Aya na ture. And today I just finished screen capping her newest collection. Most of the time I like her cocktail dress collection better that the wedding dress, seeing that I don’t really need or want a wedding dress right now ^^. So while we’re still on the topic of Ayana I decided to post her designs that I love ^^.

note: the pictures might take long to load since I uploaded them in high quality. The size is actually bigger is you save them because I had to resize the pics to fit the blog.

Ayanature 1st Collection

Ayanature 2nd Collection

Ayanature 3rd Collection

^ one of my favorite!

Ayanature 4th Collection

^ she wore this dress at her wedding after party. tetsu is a lucky guy XD

Ayanature 5th Collection




I think most of Ayana’s design are very fairy tale princess type which people may say that they are too over the top. But, I think it’s good that she indulges the princess in her, since not a lot of women can do that ^^.


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  1. Hello there!!! long time! hope you are fine!
    Well whant can I say… Ayana is very talented, but to tell you the true, I feel really sad when I see her, is not that I feel inferior, not at all, Is very stupid to think like that, (Shes only human with Special FX lol). but the problem is that she took my favorite Laruku!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRREGGGGGGGGGHG! XDDDDD lol!

    She’s really good but now in days not everybody wears a dress like does, is not that theres a ball in this days, maybe if youre rich and you can throw a ball or an aristocrat. In my coutry does kind of dresses are used for “quinceañera” parties is like USA’s Sweet sixteen but we celebrate 15 like a way to introduce someone to society.

    Well in the end all of us have a princess fantasy inside, but most of us are poor… U.U…. and we don’t have a lot of money or the figure of Ayana, (Lucky girl!), thats what people are saying… there’s no such thing as an ugly girl only poor!!!!! AERGHHHHH!

    Well you know me I’m just a tetsu fan, not an Ayana fan… that’s another matter.

    Thanks for sharing the collection.
    Take care!
    Nos leemos luego! Que estes bien!

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