[translation] S.O.A.P – Tsumi no Nagame

A friend from Mexico asked me to translate Tsumi no Nagame by SOAP. So, with my limited Japanese, I did. Here’s the result. Please correct me if I miss something. The original lyrics could be found here. I felt kinda confused of the romaji so I stick to the kanji. Credit me, hydevilist, if used.

Tsumi no Nagame – The View of Sin

I kiss your scars
Like a rain that falls
This sky is tired of dancing
1000 dreams and darkness

Aa I become the light
Can’t that voice be saved?
The happiness and the echoing beat
seem to flicker

always be born, the wind that sways the heart and the cloud that hides

the smiling face
always beside (you), my soul will wrap you up

always be born, the shapes change they will disappear but
always beside (you), my soul will wrap you up

We won’t pretend not to the unseen tomorrow, won’t we?
Do you want to be broken? Even you can’t be broken?

What’s blowing? Where’s suffer? Who’s scar?
I See, love is loving
My delight run down my life

Ooh~ I’ll be there
light your way, light your way

By your side


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