oh look at it!

Gee, it’s been almost a month since I updated here >_<. The plurk entry does not count. So what’s up with everybody? I can tell you that I’ve been super busy lately >_<. As the Japanese might say it’s MENDOKUSAI!!! But hey, it’s work >_<. So, the last few weeks, I caught the flu >_<. I had to call in sick one day. But I’m okay now, only minoSo recently I just received my copy of LOVE ADDICT which was stuck in shipping before it get here >_<. I love seeing the making where HYDE dances like an idiot XD

resized image from the Z770i

resized image from the Z770i

Anyway, I got a new phone XD YAAAY!!! My old phone was busted so I got a new Sony Ericsson Z770i XD It’s very pretty. The main reason I picked it out because it’s a clamshell phone and it’s black, as you can see in ARE YOU READY? 2007 DVD hyde also has a black clamshell phone XD It’s pretty good actually, I’ll write up a summary of it later, if I’m not lazy. Here’s the picture result from its 2.0 megapixel camera. So far there are minor bugs, like it went dead on me a few times and I can’t seem to get the parameters of the mp4 video right when I convert L’Arc PVs. I like that it has a 240×320 screen. And I found a site that provides cute themes too. Too bad it’s in Chinese but it won’t hurt if you try ^^ www.moxiu.com. Improvise on the signing up. Feel free to ask me if you are confused with anything on the site ^^. Anyway, I’m going home now ^^. Good bye.


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