check out the rack XD

I’ve been sleep deprived for almost a week now, I’ve been sleeping on the train every morning. That’s not necessarily a good way to start a new entry but hey…

Yesterday, after I went to the doctors (yes two kinds of doctors) for my sore throat and to check my teeth, I went to a hypermart near my house to buy some stuff with my mom. I wanted to buy a new rack to put all of my stuff in my new room downstairs. So I browsed through the plastic rack section and try to find a 4-tier plastic CD rack like I had back home (see below picture, it’s the orange thing beside the rack) , but my mom managed to convinced me to get a wooden rack instead. So, I did, thinking that it is bigger and I really need all the storage space I can get. So I decided to buy this:

So my new room has not been occupied yet. Although from the start it was intended to be used as my room, I decided not to use it because it had no window and I kinda feel claustrophobic in there, so for a while I used a room on the second floor that was intended to be a mini library for all the books in my house. For short, I moved in instead of the books. Then came my job and I had to live in Jakarta for almost a year and my brother took over the room. And when I decided to go back and start commuting I don’t have a room. I sleep where ever I can basically ^^. So while I do that I will prepare my room one step at a time and I decided to safely allocate my collections first. What you see here is not all of them, seeing that I still have some of them scattered >_<. In the meanwhile, let me take you for a tour ^^.

This is the DVD and the Solo Project section. Yes, there are only HYDE and TETSU69 CDs here XD I have a few DVDs since they are not my first priority. The black box thing in the HYDE section is a custom handmade box I made in high school to store all of the HYDE coffin-shaped CDs.

Next is the L'Arc Goods section. Only a few, I don't put tshirts in this rack because they belong in my closet ^^. Moving on... my book section. Organized in to two parts, English and Indonesian books. That yellow thing in the middle is the a doorstopper in the shape of a banana XD I got it on a bargain XD

My favorite section, the L'Arc~en~Ciel CD section XD Most of them are first presses. Even though it looks like a lot I'm still missing a few CDs. I'll find them eventually ^^. I put fabric goods here too.

This is where I put all of my other non-L'Arc CDs and DVDs and also miniDV tapes. There's not a lot of stuff in there, just some Gackt, Ayumi Hamasaki, Plastic Tree, along with DVDs of Disney's Peter Pan, and some other stuff ^^.

The printed material section. This section has magazines, photobooks, tour pamphlets, and postcard collection, most of them are related to L'Arc ^^. Some of my photobooks are with Niceey for safe keeping ^^.

So yeah that’s about it. I’ll keep you posted about further progress on my new room. In the meanwhile you can check out my collection here at the nanairo treasury. Rini deshita XD

PS. Today is 08.08.08. The Olympics starts today XD Are you gonna do something special too?



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