Yesterday was a busy day due to that write up about the Adam Air Makassar accident >_< and I was surprised to find this on this blog’s dashboard.

Fastest Growing WordPress.com blogs

  2. Raquel Evita Saraswati
  3. Mad Wombat
  4. hydevilist’s undecided
  5. Cheap Cooking
  6. Hyde and Seek
  7. Jenn Jalowiecki

and is listed #5 here. And the #78 at yesterday’s top blog posts.

Thank you for the visit everyone XD and I’ve reached more than 20,000 hits too ^^. YAY XD

Anyway this is an old news but I want the new Gackpoid Vocaloid 2. It’s 18,900 yen >_< On the top of my mind I would like him to sing various L’Arc songs and MALICE MIZER (Klaha Era songs) XD That would be cool to try XD I found some song generated by the Gackpoid in youtube, sound good XD Click here.


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