Ladies and Gentlemen and Freaks Alike… The Dark Knight

This is something I rarely do, watching the same movie over and over again in the theater, but I just can’t get enough with the new batman movie. The crown jewel of the movie is of course the glorified final performance of Heath Ledger. The Joker still freaks me out. it’s not really the big thing he does like the disappearing pencil act, which pretty much sold me to believe that this joker is a sadistic raving maniac, but the small attention to details that really made me shiver. It’s his small gestures, like the way he wiggle his fingers, the way he kinda stumble upon every word and the way he’s changes his voice from a squeamish tone to a chilling hoarse groan, the way he walks (the hospital scene, in particular), the way he moves his eyes. Every dialogue was well written, it’s humorous and chilling at the same time.  I think the academy should SERIOUSLY consider the possibility of a posthumous Oscar nomination for him.

Christian Bale also did an amazing job on Batman. My faith on the character is restored. Since the disaster that is Batman & Robin, I thought that I can never mention Batman without ever thinking about the over used neon colors and bad puns. But Bale did a very sleek performance. Bruce Wayne is hotter than he had ever been, the guy looks good in a suit XD What _kinda_ bugs me was Batman emphysema-ridden voice. Apart from that, he really made me believe in Batman again.

Speaking of belief, it took me a while to believe in Harvey Dent. All of those viral advertising was just too much (, *block the text until you reach the bottom of the page, dismiss every H and A and you’ll see a message*, and the most fun one to visit But Aaron Eckhart played the character well. I really wasn’t expecting that Two Face would turn out as realistic as it did.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is not the prettiest actress who played the role of the hero’s love interest, but she certainly did not bug me. I like her work in various indie movies. Performance wise I think she’s a better Rachel Dawes than Katie Holmes. The casting crew made a good -not great- choice of changing the cast, seeing that Katie Holmes would have made the balance a little off.

Another character that I really like is Commissioner James Gordon. Gary Oldman really put the Commissioner into life. He’s like the Commissioner I’ve always pictured in my head. Michael Caine as the faithful Alfred throws a strong performance too.Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox completes the cast.

After the fourth time watching this movie I gotta tell you that it does get a bit boring. But every time The Joker appears… he didn’t disappoint XD He really lights up the scene. I can’t get enough of his little gestures. Now that Heath Ledger is gone it’ll be hard to find somebody to fill in his shoes >_< There’s a rumor that Johnny Depp is asked to play The Riddler in the next Batman movie XD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! And Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin. I like Hoffman but The Penguin? The Penguin is my least favorite villain and plus The Penguin is better left at the Tim Burton’s spin on Batman. But I would love to see Christopher Nolan prove me wrong XD But I think it’s best to bring back Catwoman. The feline fiend needs to get her name cleaned after that shambolic Halle Berry movie >_<. Anyway, I found a good site for those who are not too familiar with the DC Universe, like me.

Ohisashiburi no Oishii Chokoreto
My former boss just went back from Japan. Even though I don’t work for him anymore, he (and his wife) still brings me present from Japan. He gave me a box of Prafeuille Chocolat Hachimitsu (which basically is dark chocolate thins with honey inside, YUMMY!). I like it dark chocolate & I prefer chocolate thins to a chocolate bar XD You can see the official page for the chocolate here.



  1. I love the joker, everything about him. i’ve seen the movie only two times but like you, I love every little detail he does… Johny Depp would be so friggin awesome as the riddler… but if he plays the joker, I’m gonna be mad… it just wouldn’t be right… I hope the next person who does the Joker is good. I miss Heath! ;_;

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