WHY SO SERIOUS? *chills*

Yesterday I went and see The Dark Knight with my mom in Bogor. When we got to the ticket box we see that the seats are almost filled up. SO, in order not to be seated in the very front row my mom took separate seats. I sat in the row in front of her. Unfortunately, I was stuck between a mom and her toddler and 2 girls that don’t really get the movie and don’t know when to shut up. I see a lot of kids in the theater, last time I checked this was a PG-13 movie, and there I was sitting beside a toddler with her mom saying, “hey, that’s the clown, that’s the clown.” How twisted is that. These kids are scarred for life.

The movie was beyond awesome! *Batman could use a cough drop still* Particularly the part of Joker that was played by the late Heath Ledger. The Joker was creepy and chilling in all sorts of levels but was really cool at the same time. I was really taken in by Heath’s performance. The way he handled the knife was utterly creepy. And the way he made that pencil disappear *shivers*. HE IS THE JOKER!

I like Heath’s Joker which is more realistic. Although I can’t say which is better Nicholson’s Joker or Ledger’s. The both rocked, but Nicholson’s IMO was more surreal in an artistic sense. The 1989 Batman was indeed the work of Tim Burton, so no lack in twisted artistic flair in that. But The Joker in the 1989 Batman movie lack that sadistic nature, he kinda came across as a twisted bastard. Ledger’s JOKER, on the other hand, FUCKING RULED! It was so realistic, I mean, I don’t think that today’s villains should be applying symmetrical make up, tailored costumes and having a handful of weird gimmicks. So in today’s standard I’d say that Ledger’s is better. Oh wow,I’m having chills just writing this down. I’m gonna go and watch that movie again sometime this week.

SO, now I’m off to make preparations for tomorrow’s seminar. There are stormy waters ahead, I’m sure >_<


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