excuse me for being so random.

Before I say anything, I would like to say sorry to my friends for not being able to keep in touch this past few weeks >_< I MISS YOU GUYS! I haven’t update since a long time due to the seminar my office is holding >_< Next Wednesday will be the last day of the seminar. God, let it be over soon, I’m so tired >_< I’m staying over at Vro’s kos (rented room) in Grogol, West Jakarta. It’s a 30 minute cab ride from Sari Pan Pacific, the transport fee is somewhat more expensive than going back and forth from Bogor. I’m handling the seminar one day at a time, I can’t say that it’s all good. The participants had a hard time understanding the English of the Japanese speakers >_< let me just say that their comprehension of the English language is not as good as they think. I had to handle complaints from the participants >_< handling with people is not that easy T-T I guess, I’m mentally tired rather than physically >_< The good thing about it was the food HAHA XD me and Vro got to take the left-overs home and eat it for dinner. This way we can save money XD

First week of the seminar was intended for aircraft accident investigators but somehow there are some miscommunication from our counterpart organization and they ended up inviting all sorts of people from flight operators >_< Most of the people were somewhat nice and some of them tend to look down upon the speakers because of their English speaking & comprehension skills. Some of them gave good advices like giving me contact numbers of cheap interpreters from language school students. But, my boss decided that the seminar don’t need one. So, yeah, I know Japanese but I’m most definitely not interpreter material. So the vicious cycle goes like this:

1. The Indonesian participants, with their limited English skills (not poor, only limited) asked question (1 out of 10 was just to “test the knowledge” of the Japanese and these sort of questions is usually initiated with the sentence “In my experience of working on -enter something prestigiously pretentious or pretentiously prestigious here-…” )

2. At first the speakers might mistook the question and starts rambling with wrong answers and being looked down by the participants. That’s where I come in, me with limited Japanese trying to explain the question to them in Japanese (and most of the time… failed miserably since most of the questions are pretentiously engineering related) and I ended up explaining the question in simpler English, which is kinda… -_-” yeah.

3. The Japanese speaker answers the question.

The second week I was not the interpreter anymore since the material is not as wide as they first seminar and the participant are university students. So the week was divided in a 2 day – 2 day – 1 day style. The last day being (I think) the novelty part of the seminar. But I gotta say I was impressed by the second part of the seminar. Since their university was a sort of semi military school they got to the hotel an hour earlier than schedule and we’re forced to open the seminar earlier since they were fixed on their seats XD

So enough about the seminar. The things in between are a pain but I’ll leave it out of this entry >_<. Seriously, I’m hoping a big fat bonus for this >_<

Sooooo… I just finished watching Zettai Kareshi. I was first aware of the dorama through Sakai Ayana’s blog, since she said that she was in a few episodes of it. But what I wasn’t aware was the whole cast ^^;; which included Hayami Mocomichi and Mizushima Hiro (NYAAAAN). It was enjoyable at first but as you progress to the end it gets better. I was kinda choking on the last episode T-T. If you have a chance you should see it. This kind of dorama is only valid if it came from Japan anywhere else it would be SUPER CHEESY XD But seriously this kind of dorama should be kept away from girls like me, since we’ll end up wanting a robot like Night XD Seriously, boys in real life should really step up on their game *shrugs*

On VAMPS, I gotta say that I have to agree with GO from JrockNYC. LOVE ADDICT is so HYDE and TIME GOES BY is just good. It’s GOOD but not that GREAT. I enjoyed it but I really wish the lyrics were more in Japanese. I know, I know, don’t attack me, they want to go global with VAMPS creating overseas fanclub (WHICH IS GOOD). But the single, for me, of course, fades in comparison with L’Arc~en~Ciel’s NEXUS 4 (I only heard the radio rip, BUT I AM LOVING IT ALREADY!) I really wish I could get on the VAMPS bandwagon but I really need to hear something better from them ^^ GAMBARE XD

Movies I watched while I was away

1. KungFu Panda… twice.! I think it’s very funny and the fight sequence looked kinda real XD I didn’t realize the monkey’s voice was Jackie Chan until the end credits. I haven’t laughed so hard in a theater since a very long time XD

2. The Incredible Hulk. It was good, the CG was awesome, if I can get over the all of the muscles >_< The story was awesome. I love the Brazil village in the valley scene in particular. I can’t get enough of Stan Lee whoring himself in these Marvel movies, I say MORE! XD Robert Downey appearing at the end of the movie ensuing that there was going to be The Avenger movie was a BONUS *thrills*. I’m not a big superhero buff but I like where Marvel Studios is heading with their independent projects ^^. If you can see here in wikipedia they have prepared quite a list on their upcoming projects XD

Oh wow XD I’m so random today XD


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  1. Hey It’s been a long time! I was worried, I was starting to think that you didn’t wanted to be my friend anymore!!!! >_< XDDDDDDDDD
    It seems that work is getting the best of us. In my case I’m finally in my Holiday vacation, FINALLY!

    I hope your ok! AHH! please check this http://www.myspace.com/larukupop is a project I’m starting, hoe you can join!

    Bye, Take care!

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