so what else…

Been really creative lately, ooh my mania got the best of me XD I’ve been writing a lot but I decided that the stuff I wrote are not this blog’s material. So not gonna publish it.

it’s been a long time since I write something here. Honestly, I’ve been very busy at work >_< preparing a 12 day seminar pretty much all by myself. Tomorrow is the first day!!! I’ve got to arrive at the hotel at 6.30!!! It’ll be really sore. So, I really need to save up my power. However, I have to go to my friend’s wedding party and after that go to a Japanese event in Mangga Dua. So much for saving up energy *shrugs*. So I guess see you in 2 weeks, or more. Just hope there will be a big fat bonus waiting for me.

On VAMPS. They’re doing a lot of promotion of the new single. I’ve listened to it (my copy still on the way XD) and I gotta say that I like TIME GOES BY better than LOVE ADDICT ^^. Can’t wait for my copy.

On L’Arc~en~Ciel. Very slow updates -___-” accept for this. This is the list for ordering the Paris Photo Collection a bookstore near you. Thank god they have a list of Kinokuniya Stores in Jakarta. The thing is sometimes the price in Kinokuniya is A LOT more expensive than the real price. It _IS_ convenient, but I’m considering the option of ordering from


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  1. Not Just Laruku is busy right now; I think everyone of us is too. For example I have to study very hard for an exam, (In the middle of my holiday month…. U.U). As for VAMPS…. I don’t like it! Sorry to say it but Hyde said in the VAMPS official my space that their planning to do their entire album in English! Hey I have to say it even if people will kill me but Hyde’s English is horrible. When I first listened the “Love addict” single, I though that hyde was signing in Japanese, (Please forgive me but I totally ignore the language XD), I said to my self… My self if you don’t understand a thing he is saying is because is Japanese! …XD.
    But wait! When a friend told me that he was signing in English I said… WHAT THE H@#! And after that I thought that either my English is horrible or I had hearing problems. Then I went to a senior English teacher and ask her if I was wrong. Finally she said to me… Dear girl this guy needs English lessons. XDDD
    Well that’s what I think! Don’t pay attention to it! xD
    Read you later!
    Your no.1 reading Fan!

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