ice cream and other frozen treats

Today, I have the urge to talk about ice cream and other frozen delights XD It’s been a while since I write something about food XD


I first tried it when I went to Java Jazz 2008 with Shakina (i remember I wrote up a lot of stuff about this event but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my blog -__-“). I went for the bubblegum flavor with almond slices. It was really good XD too bad we didn’t have the luxury to _actually_ eat it on a cafe because the Java Jazz food tent was so friggin hot and it smells like cigarettes >_< and on the other hand we have to leave early that night. The price for a cup was Rp. 30,000 but since it was an event stand it was Rp. 25,000/cup. The size were actually big if you compare it to the regular Haagen Dazs cup. It’s like 1,5 times bigger.


(pic from here)I almost got this confused with COLD STONE >_< I had this like a month ago when I was meeting up with Niceey in Plaza Indonesia. We had lunch in the food court area of Food Hall so after sitting there for a long time I decided to get some ice cream. There were 2 choices either Baskin Robins or Cold Rock. Since I haven’t tried Cold Rock before I went for it XD I picked a 3 scoop sundae -strawberry yogurt, chocmint and bubblegum- (I just love bubble gum ice cream for some reason XD) drenched in chocolate sauce. The weird thing about it was that it was topped with a chocolate covered crunch ball instead of cherries. IT WAS REALLY GOOD and it’s kinda cheap too. The sundae cost like Rp. 42,000 with tax. Even if the scoop size was normal size you can’t complain about good ice cream.


So last week after I meet up with friends in Ambasador, my dad picked me up and we went to Pacific Place. He had a meeting with his friend and as usual I tag along and just sit there on the corner of the cafe ordering food, listening to my L’Arc~m~An (my mp3 player, I call it that XD) and jot something down. So I had ordered a slice of chocolate avocado cake. YUM!

So after my dad’s meeting was finished he went across the cafe we were in, TATOR and went to The Cream & Fudge Factory. So he called me up and asked, “Do you want this?”. I said “SURE!”, I can never resist ice cream XD We ordered a sort of sundae since the cup had crispy waffles with chocolate coating on the side covered with rainbow sprinkles. My choice of ice cream was bubblegum (I have really got to try flavors other than bubblegum) and my dad’s pick was peanut butter. So the fun thing about this shop is that you can mix the the topping with the ice cream. I picked cherry pie filling (was it called that) and my dad picked brownies. We thought the scoop would be the regular size of Haagen Dazs (that’s why we picked two flavors) but when it came out it was huge!!! I would say a scoop was like 2 times the size of a regular scoop!!! So we had this one big cup of sweet monstrous concoction to share. They gave us this funny looking spoons which was rectangular, it was cute but it was kinda hard to scoop the inside walls of the cup when the ice cream sticks there XD For that lot it was around Rp. 59,000. It was well worth it since it could feed the appetite of 4 normal people and maybe 50 zero-size models XD

So, my dad, unlike me, is not someone who is really fund of sweet stuff. So he only finishes about 3/4 or his peanut butter ice cream and I had to finish the whole thing. That day, for the first time in my life, I was full for eating too much ice cream XD

SOUR SALLY (non official link – Indo only)

(pic from here) At first I spotted Sour Sally about a month ago when me and my brother were meeting my dad there. But because it was rather late, I didn’t had the chance to really see what were they selling. Yesterday, I went there with Atre. I gotta tell you that it was the store decoration that drew my attention. It was like this Pippi Longstocking, less twisted Alice in Wonderland kinda store. Something that looks like it’s been pulled straight out from a children’s book. The store’s mascot was of course the mischievous-faced Sour Sally XD (see pic – the name was kinda cute but it got me thinking about this). The main color were fresh lime green, they have this cute pink and lime green chairs with black and white stripes legs XD

Let’s get the interior aside for a while to really see what they really have to offer. So basically they sell frozen yogurt. There are only 2 flavors, plain and green tea and you can pick toppings from a wide variety of fruits and all sorts of sweets (cereals, choco crunch). At first, seeing that we wanted to know how it tastes we picked a small portion of the green tea flavor with strawberry (Atre) and peach (me) toppings. THE CUP WAS SO CUTE, BTW!!! So once we settled in our seats and eat a small portion of it, I feel like I was about to cry because it was so freaking GOOD! It was around Rp. 32,000 because we had 1 additional topping. I’m not sure how their topping system works but maybe it was like this small=1 topping, medium=2 toppings, large=3 toppings. They also have smoothies and specialized on yogurt on top of shaved ice with 4 toppings. I don’t know about you, but the shaved ice under a frozen yogurt kinda threw me off. It’s sure gonna be extra cold XD

So after we finished our small cup of green tea, we decided to try and order the plain one. The store owner was there apparently and gave us a try of the plain yogurt, dare I say… it was better than the green tea flavor XD So we ordered a medium plain one with two toppings, kiwi (Atre) and mango (me). But when I look up the menu sign, it said “HINT: ask for twist.” So I asked to the store owner, “what’s a twist?”. It’s apparently a blend of the green tea and plain flavor in a twist. You know, it’s similar how they sometimes mix chocolate ice cream with vanilla in a twist. With our plain yogurt order ready in her hand, she asked, “would you rather change this for the twist instead?”. We feel kinda bad for a while until she assure us that it’s fine. So yeah we went for the twist XD

So after a while talking about stuff we ordered another serving of medium size plain yogurt with strawberry (Atre) and mochi (me) toppings. The third cup was as good as the first one. We can’t get enough of Sour Sally XD IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I really recommend you to try it, if you ever go to Senayan City.

So that’s it for the ice cream and frozen delights report XD It’s really gratifying to blog about food since a long time XD So until next time.

PS. Too bad that there is not one Ben & Jerry’s store in Indo. I remember seeing it like 8 years ago in Pasaraya Grande. Now you can find Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in some supermarket that sell imported goods but the only have some well known flavors like Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Dublin Mudslide, Karamel Sutra, Chunky Monkey and such. I couldn’t find Vermonty Python until I went to this one fruit store in Muara Karang (North of Jakarta). I wasn’t expecting it to be there! But I didn’t buy it because it’s a long way from home. Even with the dry ice, I wasn’t sure if it made it all the way back to Bogor >_<. Buying a pint of ice cream to take home is good, but it sure doesn’t beat the whole going to an ice cream shop experience. So, I really look forward to new ice cream shops. *cough* Ben & Jerry’s *cough* I’ll be first in line when they have that free cone day XD

PPS. I had 2 donuts for lunch (enough sweet fix for today XD). On my way to pay the bills, my boss asked me to buy some snacks for the people here. So, I decided to stop by at the nearest Dunkin Donuts shop at Sabang. Got 2 dozens of them. Apparently, they gave a bonus of an tall serving of iced chocolate if you buy that many and I got a discount card too XD COOL!



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