all things old and new…

The last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of cover songs XD I like unlikely covers. Of course , you guys might already know Hideaki Tokunaga and his VOCALIST albums trilogy, covering songs from female vocalist. From recent artists like Mika Nakashima, Namie Amuro, Yuna Ito and older songs from Miyuki Nakajima, Seiko Matsuda and Princess Princess. Since then other recording artist have followed suit. So, I will talk about two in particular: Hitomi Shimatani and Acid Black Cherry.

Hitomi Shimatani’s album is called Otoko Uta. I first heard this on the plane back from Shanghai. I was interested on listening to it because of the title, so I thought, “Hey this must be a cover album!”. I didn’t listen to all of it then, I only listened to some songs but what captured me the most was her rendition of Hatsukoi by Kozo Murashita. So as soon as I got back I tried looking for the album. Now that I have found it and have another listen I must say that as a whole the album is just so-so. The songs are good but if I listen to it in sequence it felt like Hitomi did nothing that was so special to each song. My favorite was, of course Hatsukoi, because it’s just refreshing to here a female take on that song. Another of my favorite is RAINY BLUE by Hideaki Tokunaga, Candy by Shinji Harada and also Kanade by Sukima Switch (which was pretty surprising because this song is kinda new). (see Desert Heart for track listing -along with the list of original artists- and download)

In the other hand, Acid Black Cherry did an amazing job with his cover album, Recreation. I always admired yasu’s voice in Janne Da Arc, even in lives his voice is close perfect. I REALLY love what he did with the songs. Some of the songs that really caught me was… EVERYTHING. He really made the songs their own!!! But if I had to pick my top three it would Shizuka Kudo‘s Koi Hitoyo, LOOK’s Shining On, and Akiko Kosaka‘s Anata. I LOVE WHEN HE SANG ANATA!!! It gave me chills down my spine and brought me to tears. I knew this song since I was little, my dad used to play the cassette tape of it (remember those?). So now, I told my dad to listen to this version and he liked it instantly XD (refer to Asian Amusement for tracklist, original artist and download)

On other parts of the world, I’ve been listening to The Puppini Sisters. I’ve mention them before but never really talk about them. I’ve been listening to both their albums Betcha Bottom Dollar (2006) and The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo (2008) and I’m liking them. I really like these type of 1940’s song XD I like their rendition of Old Cape Cod, Mr. Sandman, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Crazy in Love (yes, Beyonce’s Crazy in Love). Listening to the album, it actually crossed my mind to take swing dance lessons just so I could dance along with the tracks XD

PS. All ready ordered my copy of Kurt Cobain’s Journals XD I’ll be expecting it this weekend XD YAY!!! Have you guys been paying attention: that I’m able to talk about different artists other that L’Arc since I saw them LIVE. It is sort of liberating XD


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  1. Wow~! the Puppini sisters are cool! the 40’s sounds great!

    And I Agree! I would like to free my self from Laruku once in a while! arghh!!!!
    Maybe I’ll go to a House MD Forum! maybe I’ll distract my self! XDDDDD
    Greetings friend!

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