Hi! My name is Brutal Truth. Ask me what I think about…

So lately, I’ve been feeling a bit irritated >_< so spoke to D13, he said that maybe I’ve already reached my limits and since I don’t vent, it just piles up. He said, if I have no one to be mad at to, he would gladly receive all of the flames XD So nice of him because I do need to vent. But alas, we can’t find a time to meet up >_< IRRITATED!!! Sorry if this sounds presumptuous but I do feel that I’m way nice >_< and I don’t speak up my mind as much when I’m around people… I adapt to them. Yeah, House would just hate me. I’m too sympathetic… maybe worse than Cameron. Did I just used unreal characters to sum up my personality >_<. Yeah, suck for me. But today, I feel like if some one ask my opinion I would just give them the honest cold brutal truth. “How does my hair look?” “Like crap.” “Am I too emotional?” “Yes, you’re the eighth dwarf called SAPPY.” IRRITATED!!!

Last Saturday was the end of L’Arc~en~Ciel TOUR 2008 L’7 ~TRANS ASIA via PARIS~. I cannot tell you how much fun I had when I saw them performed the first show in Shanghai and following the tour’s progress city to city after the Shanghai Live. THIS TOUR IS SO MASSIVE XD TOTTEMO KANDOUSHIMASHITA T-T I can safely say that seeing the concert was the best thing in my life… so far XD Now I’m going to save up to go to the 2011 20th Anniversary live… preferably in Tokyo XD 3 years to save up, I think that’s enough to save up for a trip to Tokyo. Because even if they have plans for a world tour in 2011, I’m gonna stick with Tokyo because from what I learn from this tour is that they always throw something special in Japan. So yeah my bet is on Tokyo. Hopefully they’ll have it in Tokyo Dome XD WAIT FOR US!!! (image from L’Anemone)



  1. XD Don’t take so seriously what house says or does! he’s a morron!, A morron we lovE!!! XDDDDDDDD
    Cheer up! life is just a brief moment! and I hope we can see each other in 2011, I’m stating to save, even if I get poor for the next 10 years!
    Take care friend!
    Listen to “Se te olvida” from los Panchos! Is a great song!

  2. XD I want to be like him too, a Smart Morron!! is like not being afraid of anything! but lets be honest in real life House would be in Jail.XDDDDDDD

    I hope we can meet there! I wish I could win the lotery and be MEGA rich! If so, I will go for you in your country and take you on my VIP Super JET!!! XDDDDDDDDDD
    See you!
    in 2011

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