I’m happy to read the live reports of the Japan L’7 lives XD It sounded very lively, the track list and hyde-tetsu acting as Jack and Rose from Titanic was enough to make me weep with envy. TIME SLIP XD *envy* So the goods for the lives in Japan has more stuff than the overseas lives >_<. I really want some of those stuff T-T The baggage tape and the tumbler, since those are the two that can be put into good use XD I want the towel too, but it’d be such a shame to use it >_<

So the next couple of week will be hectic, I have to plan a seminar on aircraft accident investigation for next month. SHIGOTO SHIGOTO!!! YOSH!!! I’m planning to buy a phone after the seminar’s over or at least until my current phone breaks down XD my current phone is in a very bad shape. There’s a big crack across the screen, keypads that could not be pushed, inactive camera, nontransferable data, dying out in the middle of conversations, on/off button not working. Seeing that it has been drowned in water 2 times and uncountable, I’m surprised to see that it’s still usable as an actual phone XD So, I’m planning to get the N82 *gets bricked*… if I don’t spend a lot of money on CDs and stuff. We’ll see how it goes ^^.

The train has been running late for the last two days. Causing me to be 10 minutes late everyday. So usually it arrives at Gambir on 7.45 but not it arrives on 7.55 or later. Since the last 2 days I was 10 minutes late. I wasn’t late today so YAY XD On Tuesday the train had a technical problem in Kota on my way home. That kinda suck now don’t it? So I had to wait around for more than 1 hours. I was really hungry but the good thing about Indonesia is that the food comes to you ^^. There were lots of people selling food. SO I bought 1 meat steamed bun, 1 small portion of friend beehoon and some crackers. That day I got home at 7pm >_<.

I’ve been listening the to Nirvana lately. I don’t know why, maybe I just needed more angst hahaha XD Maybe because I feel very irritated these couple of days. Know why. Won’t Tell.


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  1. Hello Rini!
    You know! this is something I share with you! Every friday I get late to work! Monday trought thursday theres a teacher who gives me a ride, accept for fridays I have to take a bus. I always wait for it early but it doesn’t matter how early I wait the dam thing goes like a turtle!!! No wait!!! a turtle goes faster. Anyway is a strugle I have to face every friday… Wait a minute… TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!! ARGH!!! XDDDDDDDD

    About Laruku… they always put that kind of stunts, they always give the best in Japan lives… I guess is because is theyre homeland. XD
    Anyway I hope that the rumor about their 2011 live tour theme is “World tour”, so we can save a little bit more of money and I really hope the ut an eye to Mexico! XDDDDDDDDD
    Ok I think thats it for today! I really miss you! hope we can chat soon!
    Take care.
    Greetings from Mexico!

    Viva el arcoiris siempre!

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