Let’s see…

OMG OMG!!! I just finished watching the 4th of HOUSE minus the last episode, I gotta say it’s the best season so far!!! I just gotta write this down since I really don’t have anyone to share my fandom XD

understand that this might not be the most explanatory thing about HOUSE seeing that this is just a random rant.

How come Amber was ON THE BUS!!! Why did he subconciously block that out of his memory. Did he really saw Amber on the the bar when he was hypnotized by Chase? OMG this is really a cliffhanger episode. Now I have to wait 3 months for the new season (add a couple of months to that number because there would be a time of delay till the new episodes reach here). I can’t wait.

Anyway, I should really go and have a foot massage but I’m so damn lazy >_< both of my feet hurt from about a week ago. I guess this is due to exhaustion. I’ve been planning to have a foot and back massage since before I went to Shanghai but I didn’t really have the chance. I guess I should really get going. It’s been a long time since I have one. I know, I’m indecisive so what. Good bye.

Update: I saw this news about MTV Video Music Award Japan. I just can’t see this award as a representation on what is actually good in the Japanese music scene. It’s not that I don’t like the acts that won, I just see it as a representation on what MTV thinks what is good/cool (in their term) in the Japanese music scene. It’s all really a big brain washing machine since most of the acts are not that far from the sounds of hip hop and R&B.

Update #2: I’m lately listening to The Puppini Sisters. They’re awesome XD I always liked old stuff and this girls really sound and look like they are from the 1940s. So classy, I like XD Speaking about reviving things from the past. Me and my friend, Tito is planning to revive the 90s ^^. Yeah music and the anti-fashion movement ^^. We really think that stuff today doesn’t really feel organic as in the old days. I sound so old when I say this.

Update #3: SAW THE LAST EPISODE OF HOUSE!!! It was really good!!! The best season finale so far XD What would happen next >_< Is he still going to be friends with Wilson? I came to like Cutthroat Bitch, a shame she had to die -_-“. It was really sad though. But I was worried about HOUSE, but since the series title is in his name, I bet his gonna be alright XD I mean the guy survived a gunshot, a coma and a bus crash, he’s bound to be alive XD Can’t wait for the new season XD

Update #4: I just saw the L’7 LOVE STORY episode one and two. You can find video at L’Arc’s official site and if you want to download the video the link of the video at The ARK BBS. Hahahaha the girl reminded of myself XD A 23 year-old OL revolving her live on L’Arc XD L’Arc is LOVE!!! LIVE FOR THE LOVE OF L’Arc!!!

So anyway, HYDE’s photobook will be called HYDE IS DEAD 2002-2008. Hmmm… so he decided to kill his “alter ego” and go on with this journey with VAMPS. I think that’s good, in a sense he wants to start fresh. Like what I did with closing my old blog. I’m just so happy right now XD



  1. Hello there! long time right! I really do understand you! I LOVE HOUSE!!! ARGHHHH!!!! Is the best show ever! an I really hate hospitals… but house can cure me any time! xDDDDD
    Greetings from Mexico!

  2. wow
    do you like DR HOUSE??
    well i never seen that series …
    i´m don´t it´s just i don´t think is interesting for me u_ú
    ñam i prefer Heroes… or gossip girl??
    do you know them??

    take care rini


    i have a lot to do!!!
    there is some days that eve sleep!!

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