pay day -_-“

it’s pay day and most of my money is gone. POOF! Bills and such -__-” LAME, I know. C’est la vie~. So gonna work harder for next month! A seminar is coming this July. So next month will be hectic since I have to handle everything >_< YOSH! GAMBARE!!! So, I forgot to mention that I made this new wordpress site. Basically its an archive of my CD, DVD, goods collections (mostly L’Arc), I asked Niceey to join too because it’s our dream to have this HUGE apartment in Roppongi Hills to store all of our L’Arc collection. Initially I wanted to make a basic site, you know, not a pre-generated blog. But i figured that it would be a handful so I picked the easiest way ^^. I just put 1 item there, HUGxHUG Ciel-Chan the rest will be coming up next week ^^. Maybe albums first, we’ll see. Depends if I’m in the mood or not XD I’m going stationery shopping now. BUBBYE then see you next week, next month.


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