movies this month

This month I watched 3 new movies, I just want to share my views on them ^^. The first one was EARTH XD I LOVE IT!!! I wanted to go and see it since the first time it was released here. The only problem was that the only cinema that carried it was Blitz Megaplex. In Bandung the tickets for Blitz is kinda cheap, but in Jakarta it’s like Rp 30.000 >_< besides that the location is kinda hard to reach. But I went on and watched it with my mom and brother, because I need to feed the enthusiasm of the environmentalist in me ^^. It was really moving T-T and it felt like A REAL MOVIE and not a documentary because it really took me into an emotional roller coaster. SAVE OUR EARTH!!!

The second was Iron Man, I watched it with my brother (who saw the movie twice, he’s a superhero buff, what can I say). I was eager to watch it because I REALLY want to see Robert Downey Jr. I always like him especially in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as Harry Lockhart XD He always pulled off an awesome performance in every movie that he stars in INCLUDING THIS ONE. For me, who’s not a big fan of superhero movies, this is a great movie!!! I love Tony Stark XD I love how Downey portrayed him XD The movie was AWESOME!!! I like that all of the character in this movie is very strong (except maybe Pepper Potts, I don’t like this certain type of female character, maybe the same way I don’t like Mary Jane from Spiderman and Lois Lane from Super man). At first, I didn’t realize that Obadiah was Jeff Bridges o.O”. I hope there will be a sequel XD

The third was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. What can I say about this movie… I wanted to see it because I watched all of the other installments when I was a kid and liked every single one of them especially Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and I really want to see Shia LaBeouf, I REALLY came to like him since I watch Disturbia, he’s a very good actor XD We (me and my bro) missed a bit of the first part because we were late to get in the theater because we met with Atrey and Naomi before the show XD When I first saw Indy what ran through my mind was, “he’s so old, he’s not supposed to be doing this anymore.” But that was quickly eliminated after a few minutes into the movie. I was very delighted seeing that Shia LaBeouf could maintain a high presence in the movie XD The movie was made in a true indy fashion. Sure fighting on a car in the Amazon jungle was a bit pushing it, seeing that the road was kinda smooth but!!! the thing is SPOILER ALERT!!!

I was really bugged by the FLYING SAUCER PART >_< WTF!!! o.O” Spielberg and Lucas was possibly smoking something. It’s like “let’s throw in the likes of E.T and Jar Jar Binks in it just for the heck of it.” XD But everything else other than the flying saucer is GREAT ^^.

So yeah that’s all XD


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  1. *o*
    i think this weekend i´m gone to see Indiana Jones!!
    oh! since i was a child y see that movie…


    o ahm i want to watch Meteoro movie, but i couldn´t wherever ..some people told that was a horrible movie…


    well take care good friend



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