a hiatus? Please not again -___-“

please read here…




So this might mean another hiatus until 2011 T-T WHY!!!!!!!! Some source said that the band will go on with their solo >_< “each member is free to step forward” they say. But I’ll survive this one no matter what! Unlike the hiatus after REAL, at least this time they have a date set up for another concert. But it’s just too bad their momentum with DRINK IT DOWN and their previous release would have been awesome. In the other hand… THANK GOD I’ve seen them in L’7.

This really makes me think, and this is totally unrelated so don’t diss me because of this question: “is a 3-year hiatus really necessary every time one of the members get hitched?”

PS. Sorry but i haven’t got time to translate all of them, I have to take care of work outside the office >_< I’m sure some one will.



  1. Hey hello there friend!
    At least we have their solo work!!! Or do we??? I mean everybody thinks that tetsu is going to have time of hes own to make a family and that hes not going to do any solo work!!! ARGHHHH!!!

    That would be so sad!! anyway I hoe marriage doesn’t spoil him!
    Greetings from Mexico!

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