happy now?

Just got back home from a Friday night out with Shakina, Atre and Rizka to Pacific Place. Smoked Salmon Pizza again >_< Really we need somebody as a controlling board amongst our friend. I talked with Shaki on the way home about what plans I might have in store for the future. After discussing here an there, I’ve come to a conclusion that I am pretty much happy and content with my life ^^. I didn’t remember this before, but Shaki said I have pretty much everything that I envisioned before. Like a few years ago I apparently said, “I wish I had no problems with buying CDs and L’Arc stuff that I want, get to use unlimited free internet everyday, and the opportunity to see L’Arc~en~Ciel.” So come to think of it… all of it did come true. But that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with everything, I will seek for better opportunities. But now, I really don’t have anything big to wish for ^^. So yeah contentment XD that is big. Not many people could have that and I’m grateful for it ^^.

SO Ayana’s birthday was yesterday XD I’m writing this 05.17 pass midnight. I would like to say as a fellow Taurean and a fellow Bull (Chinese Astrology), HAPPY BIRTHDAY XD

Anyway I have to go to sleep. I have to go to a japanese event tomorrow. I’m hoping something good might happen tomorrow, to just to put the icing on the cake. Just wish me luck ^^. PRAY FOR ME!!! If this comes true then my journey will most definitely be a full circle ^^. Thankful, thankful. I’m just full of love right now, even though the beginning of the day kinda sucked (work.. what else XD)

See you soon, hopefully with more good news ^^.

PS. Rizka, Thank you for the present XD



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