post 23 & live at the hollywood bowl

So 23 is adulthood? I’m not quite sure but I feel that I have better composure than before ^^. More ambitious and I start thinking about what will I do for a career in the future. (Maybe since I’ve finally seen L’Arc, I’ve been able to sort out my priorities XD) Now, I don’t really have the answer except stick with JICA while finishing college. After that I really wanna go for some kind of scholarship or job abroad. I will start to take Japanese course this week(?), next week? I will take a placement test tomorrow. My Japanese is good… enough but it’s cluttered, seeing that I learn only from Japanese songs and dorama. So, if you talk to me or give me a text in Japanese (I can read a couple hundred of Japanese kanji), chances are I would understand. I can reply back but not in the most formal language ^^. So when I told my boss that I was going to get Japanese lessons, he said, “it’s good for you to learn formal Japanese” XD

Last Friday Shakina and Atre kinda surprised me by giving me birthday presents ^^. Along with Greggy that couldn’t came they gave me a long red knitted scarf (similar to tetsu’s scarf in Can’t stop believing XD which I’ve always wanted), Puffin Treasury of Children’s Story XD and… a CD of Julia Perez -______________-” (it has a condom as a bonus >_<) WTF!! o.O”. But the gifts were kindly received. And to answer Atre’s question: “No I will not put the JuPe CD together with my L’Arc collections -..-“.

After that we ate SMOKED SALMON PIZZA at Pasta Matrix in Pondok Indah Mall. Oh how decadent of us *SMACKED*. It was good but it was pretty expensive. A 12” pizza was Rp 88,000 (around 9 bucks) excluding 21% service tax. SO at a total we spent like Rp. 150,000 (US$17) with 2 refillable ice tea. I hope, for the sake of my financial health, there won’t be a next time. Even though it’s very good I prefer sushi at Sushi Tengoku. The name really says it all it is HEAVEN. The sushi is HUGE XD I went there with my mom before I went to Shanghai. A meal consist of 8 or 9 types of nigiri sushi with miso and chawan mushi was only Rp. 100,000 with tax XD I was really full afterwards XD

After eating we went to Societe which is a record store (or you youngens call it “CD store” XD). When I was browsing the LIVE DVD section I found… MONTY PYTHON LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL!!! OH GEEZ!!! I grabbed it right away and hold it in my arm (as if anybody wanted to pry that obscure thing from my hands XD). Turns out there was more than one! And catch this it’s the official Indonesia release with Indonesian subs! Really? As far as I know, not that many people know about Monty Python (and nevertheless understand the jokes) here in Indonesia. So far there were only 1 person in Indonesia (that I know in person) that knew Monty Python without having me pushing it down their throats XD I’m still amazed at the fact that they have this available on DVD for 9 bucks XD I was happy that day XD

The DVD itself was HILARIOUS!!! Oher than my favorite The Ministry of Silly Walks, The Argument Clinic and Nudge, Nudge sketch they also include lots of stuff XD among my favorite are The Last Supper and Bishop on the Landing sketch where Terry Jones wig flew across the stage XD Those lucky people from 1982 got to watch this live XD


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  1. so this is where you’ve been!!!

    I see you have lost from Toma’s fandom (while Fitrie busy with the forum and I busy with AKB48 =P)

    oh yeah, now I like KAT-TUN better, but their music still sucks as usual.
    their lastest single sounds like N’SYNC’s pop a little bit too much with Michael Jackson’s dance.

    yeah, I know you’re not interested in them at all but I still write it here anyway since I can’t sleep and my dawn snacks aren’t helping at all.

    urgh, you better ask me to hang out with you sometimes, I’m going to be real wota soon >.<

    and yes, I really enjoying annoy people XD

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