entertaining stuff on L’Arc XD

I’ve been chatting with, LarkGirl, a fellow L’Arc fan from Mexico recently and she gave me some entertaining fanworks ^^. I LAUGHED REALLY HARD WHEN I READ IT XD She asked me to mention it on my blog XD Wow, she gave me permission before I even asked her permission to put it up here XD THANK YOU XD Here are three of them. Click to see larger picture XD check her myspace page to see more. (Some might be in Spanish) but if you ask her she will kindly translate XD)


It could happen?
yukihiro: This isn’t happening
tetsu: Higher so everybody can see it!
hyde is holding a message that says…. “We’ll perform for food!”


Love can do it all?

hyde: By God Gackt! It was only a film nothing was real!
Gackt: Then you were very convincing… that happens to you for being a good actor.
Gackt: Now we are all alone… nobody will save you… and if somebody tries to… I will send my best man to eliminate who interferes.


tetsu: Don’t worry hyde I will save you!! It doesn’t matter the obstacle…
Michael Jackson says: Hello handsome!!!
tetsu: mmmm… Now that I think about it…

To be continued…

I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I READ THE LAST ONE XD The expressions match XD Thank you for sharing LarGirl XD



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