Birthday XD

Hahaha I really didn’t expect anything today. Like I said before I was really content with myself and what I have experienced. A few CDs or DVDs or L’Arc goods would be nice but if there aren’t any, that’s okay ^^. In the morning I got a present from my family which is AWESOME!!! They got me this small ceramic coffin with a skeleton popping out from the top part. Very cool indeed XD I’m planning to put it in the office XD But I’m afraid someone will snatch it, like what they did to my Peter Pan (the animation from Disney, not the Indo band) coaster >_<.

So the best present today didn’t come in a form of things but in the form of an email sent by a fellow L’Arc fan in Shanghai XD Here’s what she said…

Hello Rini!

Thank you for shareing your video!Do you know you are quite famous now!^^Even the reporter of MUSICA mentioned you in his own blog!Good for you!I hope I can see LARUKU and you in shanghai again!*~^^~*”

MUSICA? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! So I did a little digging XD turns out that the reporter was THE GUY I MET AFTER THE L’Arc concert XD As soon as my boss left the room I called Niceey right away XD WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! God _does_ work in mysterious ways T-T thank you GOD XD Details coming up in the live report which I haven’t finish because OFFICE IS SO HECTIC T-T Hey, what can you say… this job pays for my Shanghai trip AND the L’Arc concert. So I gotta suck it up >_<

Another friend from shanghai sent me a whole lot of photos taken on the day of the concert, the thing that made me cringe was that THERE WAS A L’Arcafe in Shanghai when we were there!!! If I had known this I would’ve come T-T I don’t know if this is an official L’Arcafe or not because I haven’t heard anything from the official site or The ARK BBS. But the menu was the same, and they do have CDs, DVDs, Pamphlets and EVEN OUTFITS of the members being displayed there!!! hyde’s outfit was from Theater of Kiss, tetsu’s was from RESET live (the red coat), yuki from somewhere in Light My Fire tour in 1998, and ken from somewhere in 1999 (I remember this coat so bad but I couldn’t point where it’s from >_<, a photoshoot in PATi-PATi maybe). If someone could help me figure this out please XD the picture is here…

Now… this is my friend’s picture, I do not own this. I have this thanx to her ^^. She is one of the people I met at the airport. She could not speak English but speaks wonderful Japanese ^^.

ONE OF THE BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER. One thing I learn this year: one shouldn’t feel content so easily but they also should feel content with whatever comes their way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



  1. Happy Bithday!!!! Sorry!!, I’m Late bit… I whant you to know that you are a very cool person. I hope I can meet you one day in person.
    Well as I told you! here are some of my Laruku comics! in My space

    Hope you like them!! take care!
    And God Bless

    PS: Wow Musica is looking forward on your blog!! great! you really know how to write! you deserve it!

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