tough week, but I’m working on it…

Last week I felt really lethargic. I think it was half jet lag and half of it was because I don’t want to wake up from the sweet dream I had in Shanghai. So now, I’m totally awake and ready to write about it all ^^. I’m sorry the live report is taking so long to finish but I really wanna savor everything XD I’ll try to finish it by the end of the week. I’ve also trade videos with fellow L’Arc fans we (me and Niceey) met in Shanghai XD I’ve already uploaded my first video today. I’ll upload it shortly on youtube ^^ please wait for it ^^.

A friend in Shanghai told me that a fellow fan worked as a crew. He told little tidbits from the backstage. When it started raining that afternoon, hyde said if the rain would stop he would go down from the stage and roll around on the grass XD but it didn’t stop raining which was okay for me since if hyde got off stage, only the people in the most front row would be able to MORIAGARE because of it. Well, I would too but I need to see him upclose if he really did so. But instead we got the coolest fan service EVER!!! *LOVE*



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