updates on life.

The last few days have been HECTIC! I didn’t know my job could get this hectic >_<. Seriously, in the future when I decide to work I try not to come to close with government employees. On that topic, lately I’ve been pondering about what am I gonna do after all the madness has gone. Since forever, my life’s focus has been L’Arc~en~Ciel and seeing them in a live concert, which is exactly what I will do in 4 DAYS!!! I’ve sacrificed everything for THAT DAY; college, relationships, myself and my LIFE! And now I’ve been thinking about what to do after I have actually fulfill that obsession. Well, first of of course I’m going to graduate from UNIVERSITAS JAYABAYA, try to take better care of myself, and all that ^^ Maybe I would be able to buy other things and not have to worry about saving up to see a L’Arc concert (unless they’re having a concert in Indonesia -which I seriously doubt- OR A LAST LIVE -which I hope will never happen-), although CDs would always be on top of my priority list. But career-wise, I still don’t know. I think I need to take one of those career assessment test thingy, you know like the serious kind with a shrink and stuff. I really want to do something I like. The thing is I like A LOT of things. But probably I’ll do something that has to do with all things Japanese. Because after many years (since second grade elementary) I think we can all confirm that this is certainly not a fad for me XD I was thinking in the lines of continuing my studies in Anthropology or Sociology focused on today’s Japanese Society and if possible I want to be a lecturer on the subject. BUT, I have doubts about being an Indonesian succeeding on being a lecturer on that subject. I’ll just have to try, wont I? I’ve also been thinking about taking photography course, just as a serious hobby. It’s still murky now, we’ll just have to see. But one thing is for sure, even though I can handle behind the desk job, I have very little time to do what I ACTUALLY like. For instance, writing in my blog these days takes a lot of work because of the distractions >_<.

I know this is old news but L’Arc has opened a myspace page, of course I added them right away along with VAMPS. I really like the design on L’Arc page. The VAMPS page is so pulp fiction XD LIKE XD Some of the comments really bugged me there XD It feels kinda weird they can see fangirlish comment on their territory XD I guess they just want to see what everybody has to say. I have yet to post a comment on VAMPS. I’m thinking about something that is not embarrassing to say XD But, despite the decision that VAMPS have open comments on their page, I’m really glad that L’Arc disabled theirs ^^. It seemed much more official somehow ^^.

Hmm what else? Oh! I’ve finally watched Everything is Illuminated a few days ago. It was a really good movie. A bit sad though. I really like this line:

Lista: May I ask you a question?
Grandfather: Yes, of course.
Lista: Is the war over?

Now, I’m really curious about the book *will look for it in Kinokuniya* (AH!! besides CDs I will buy more BOOKS XD). I’m now reading 69 by Ryu Murakami, and I’m really liking it ^^. So, until next time. If I can find an internet connection in Shanghai I will try to give a quick live report XD


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