across the universe to juno.

Yesterday and the day before I watched Juno and Across The Universe. I enjoy Juno more than Across The Universe even though I think it’s really cool to watch a movie that is like a long video clip repertoire of The Beatles songs. Across The Universe just felt a little trippy for my taste, and the way it was put together felt really random to me. If it wasn’t for The Beatles factor, I wouldn’t have really liked it ^^. Juno on the other hand was a really witty movie, it was a good movie but it just sorta passed me by. I like the soundtrack by the way ^^.

What else did I do recently… My boss is having a bowling taikai (competition) and korean BBQ party with a whole lot of people from our section XD and I have to organize everything about it. That’s pretty much it. Today, I will finalize the preparation of my trip to the travel agency. They are going to deliver the airplane tickets today. On Friday, I’m gonna meet up with Rizka, Niceey and the rest of the gang ^^. I need to discuss things about this trip with Niceey. VISIBLE OUTFITS so the boys (L’Arc) can see us XD It’s only going to be 13 rows in front of us, I think we can manage to stand out… I think? So… 10 days to go XD


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